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Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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that driver can run hakko but not solomon iron

the trough hole version have source in eagle so dl free version of eagle load the project and export as pdf (or whatever the proper way to "save as pdf" from eagle is, i don't use eagle)

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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So the original design can run both options like in the link you sent?
I Mean like the link that has the video tests.
I don´t use Eagle either i use DipTrace :/
But with pdf i can make a Pcb...
Maybe i will buy the pcb on the link you sent i just want to know witch is the best and the one that could offer me more iron possibilities.


thank you for your reply´s

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Despite of i like the latest pcb, i have to assume that your version is for last the easyest and the more simple to build ,and one thing that is difficult and anoy me is the projects that use coils,and your pcb doesn´t use any,so i am tempted to build yours.
can jumpers of your pcb be put in a case with switches for manually change them as i switch iron types?

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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[quote author="pcbsmoke"]
I was planning on experimenting with a cheap 24v transformer + a Solomon SL-30 iron. I have a PID controller plus an SSR for the test. Now I am thinking that I must a.) check the output voltage from that transformer in the circuit when it is live and b) put a dummy load resistor on it to give it some load. I have a whole bag of power resistors from an earlier project ..[/quote]

In case anyone is interested I got around to testing that cheap transformer today. Ahri got me thinking...

The cheap 24VAC transformer output 26.7v - 26.8v unloaded. I tried a few combinations with dummy load resistors across the output leads and checked the voltage. They all got pretty hot even after only a few seconds. These were 10w power resistors (sand).

I decided to check the resistance of the soldering iron I was planning to use - a Solomon SL-30 iron. The heater on that iron was 13.1 ohms (cold). The voltage was 23.4v - 23.5v with a 15 ohm resistor. I also checked a 13 ohms combination of resistors in series (a 2 ohm resistor plus an 11 ohm resistor). The voltage with that combination was 22.8v - 22.9v.

If the resistance were to increase by 14.5% from cold (13.1 ohms) to hot (15 ohms) then the voltage from this transformer would still be under 24 VAC. I haven't measured the resistance of the soldering iron while it is hot, but it seems like the transformer will be okay.

I don't plan on connecting the dummy load resistor permanently. That was just for the test. I am thinking that the resistance from the soldering iron's heating element will be adequate.

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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That transformer shoud be ok. The tip is most of the time powered with a low PWM dutty, so the transformer is not allways with the maximum power.

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Hi all. Latecomer to this party but I have ordered a PCB from Seeedstudio.

I would like to know where I can download the source code to the firmware.
I need to alter it to suit the type of LCD (some 16x2 serial and some 16x1 parallel) that I have.
I tried the links but haven't found the files yet.
I have all the Microchip toolchains and a Pickit3.


Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Finally we it knows the type of thermocouple tip T12?. Thank

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Hi all,
I know this is an old thread, but I hope someone still reads this and can help me.
I've just build the encoder version, but the encoder increments the values in both directions. What could be the problem?
I have uploaded the encoder firmware version.

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Solved - by reducing the encoder pull-up resistors down to 4k7 (from 10k).

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri

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Hi all,
Who can help me with the following problem:
Flickering display (16x2)
Soldering iron Driver V1.5 'Arhi'
Station built on schedule Soldering iron Driver V1.5 PTH cc-by-sa
PCB ordered by SEED Open Soldering Station PCB (319010046)
Firmware version:
 SID 2014-06-21 bogdan-Kecman [R37] Debouncing modification added by maxxim
Software: MPLABX V3.35
Programmer: PICKIT2
No bootloader
24 Volt supply voltage AC, 10Ampere
Fuse 6 AT
MCU: PIC18F2550
Triac: BT139 (16A)
 Desoldergun 24v 80Watt.

  • The whole circuit checked for correct components (value) and connection.
  • adjustment according to data Bogdan Kecman.
  • The entire circuit works well, only the display flikkerd during a normal operation.
  • When the analog input is connect to the ground,  the display does not flikker.
  • When scrolling through the menu, or when making adjustments,  of calibrations the display does not flikker.
  • Have tried several 16x2 LCD displays (44780), has shown little effect.
  • Display COG 16x2 (nt7603 controller) the display does not flikker  when looked at straight form above, at a angle from below or above the display flikkers.
  • Several times i’ve adjusted LCD.c,have seen no change, so change dit back to original .
Did not mannage to fix the flashing display, what could bet he cause of this?

Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron driver

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Maybe discussed before.
1) Anyone know if it is possible to put C120 tip in a C210 handle?
2) Is the operating voltage for C120 C210 different for the C245 tips?