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FreeRTOS and the Web platform


I'm trying to learn more about embedded devices and FreeRTOS, so I'm going to buy a Web platform and I'll install FreeRTOS.

What I would like to know is which hardware I will need. Is the web platform board enough, or do I need a PIC programmer? If so, do you recommend anything in particular?

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Re: FreeRTOS and the Web platform

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No need for a programmer as the web platform comes with a USB bootloader.

Re: FreeRTOS and the Web platform

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Has anyone here used software I2C with the Web platform? I would like to add some GPIOs and other stuff which uses I2C, but cannot use hardware I2C since the data PIN is on one of the EEPROM Pins! (And connot be remapped)

Re: FreeRTOS and the Web platform

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You can use hardware i2c  if you use the alternate i2c pins,  ASDA1/ASCL1 , look for the ALTI2C register settings in the datasheet.

I have not done it myself, but did look into the possibility, it should be doable.