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My tree arrived

I finally got my tree today from the post office. not sure how long it had been sitting there since i have been away for a week.

Ill try and get some pics of it unassembled and maybe some build pics tomorrow.

pitty its a little late. next year the xmas postal slowdown needs to be added to the shipping i think.

Re: My tree arrived

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I'm really sorry about the late arrival. I started this project in September when I started, but quite enough time to deliver by Christmas. If I do this again, I'll get started by March to deliver by November/December :)
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Re: My tree arrived

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dont be sorry. i didnt buy it as a christmas decoration, i bought it as a amtel development tool.

so for that use it still works

Re: My tree arrived

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Mine also arrived, waiting for next xmas. :)
I hope I will find them then. :)

Re: My tree arrived

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Mine arrived today. I bought it as a SMD soldering practice board, and it served its purpose well! :) Maybe I will use it for Atmel programming practices too.