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6 gauges

Hi! On diylife you said that it's easy to make drivers for another six gauges. Maybe you could write some tutorial? Firmware? Any help :P

With two gauges system can display only two parameters - CPU usage and memory usage for example. But with 6.... CPU, mem usage, rpms of cpu fan, upload and download speed... And many more cool stuff!

Please HELP!


Re: 6 gauges

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Hi sledzik - I don't have a tutorial or example of how to expand the channels, but it should be pretty straight forward to do it yourself. As I recall, the PIC uses a simple software pulse-width modulation routine that compares a 8bit brightness setting to an incrementing counter. At 0 all outputs are on. The counter increments and each time the brightness values are compared to the counter. If the values match the value for one of the pins, then the pin output is turned off.

Expanding it should just be a matter of adding extra pins to the software loop.
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