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RGB color changing + 3 servos drive

I'd received and built the USB RGB color changer board from Free PCB Sunday. The control of the PWM on RGB LEDs by USB-CDC is good and so as the auto fading. Through oscilloscope, I can see that the PWM is operating at about 90Hz. Meanwhile I had also ordered 3 servos with pan-tilt kit from Seeed. So I went on to setup the RGB color changer to control the 3 servos.

Connection of the servos to the RGB color changer was done easily by connecting the signals to each of the LEDs' PWM output port but the MOSFETs are configured as open-drain so there should be some large K resistors as pull-ups on each servo signal lines. Sorry for the messed up wires for the servos connections but you should get the idea.

Here's the link to the video showing the setup in action.


Re: RGB color changing + 3 servos drive

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I still couldn't find the source code for this USB RGB color changer. All I can find is the compiled hex file in the archive at Anyone knows where can I obtain the source code?