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Free PCBs

I was sent 50+ PCBs for this project. I plan to hand them out at conventions, but I thought I'd open requests to the internet too.
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Re: Free PCBs

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this is something i would love to have a look at.

i would be happy to pay any shipping charges + whatever to get em to australia.

thanks again


Re: Free PCBs

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this is interesting, im interested, how much to get it shipped to maryland? (USA)
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Re: Free PCBs

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I'm definitely interested. I'd gladly pay shipping plus whatever as well.



Re: Free PCBs

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Hi Ian,

If you have one left for me, I am interested as wel! I hope to here from you!



Re: Free PCBs

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I too am interested in one. Just let me know the details on what is needed for shipping to texas.


Re: Free PCBs

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I mailed out a bunch of these today, and I'm still waiting for a few people to send me their address.

Most of them are going to the US, which is a pretty expensive destination from the EU. The actual cost per unit is something like $1.56 [€0.95 (stamp) + €0.11 (envelope)= €1.06 = $1.50USD, plus a Paypal fee (3-4%)].

If you're requesting from the US or another country with widespread PayPal availability, please send $2.00 to cover the postage. I'll send instructions when I ask for your mailing address, I'm ian at this domain. If you're in the EU, especially Benelux, then postage is cheaper and I can still send them for free. Don't worry about it if Paypal isn't available in your country.

If you haven't gotten my request for an address, please check your spam folder or post again in this thread.
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Re: Free PCBs

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I'm in michigan but I don't have pay pal. Still I'm interested.

Re: Free PCBs

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@pkt - I'm giving away free PCBs from my blog every Sunday. I just gave away three of these on the Free PCB Sunday post this week, I'll be giving away some other PCBs over the next two weeks, but you can probably get one with free shipping on the Sunday after that.
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Re: Free PCBs

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Okay thanks. If I can get some way to pay with paypal by next Sunday I'll be sure to make mention of it.

Re: Free PCBs

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HI, I would like to get some of these my self and would be willing to pay. Have  PayPal  Thanks Walter

Re: Free PCBs

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I received a small brown envelope in the mail today,
the envelope was ripped and the board fell out when I picked it up.
the board looks undamaged.

I will be documenting the build as it progresses

I've all ready got the Microchip PIC 18F2550 as a free sample from
and a velleman pic programmer

I'm set to go

the Netherlands

Re: Free PCBs

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Hi! Are there any of these left? :)
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Re: Free PCBs

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Something like this is on my short list of projects, if you've still got some of these I would love to have one.  I'm in the US (California) and have paypal.  Thanks.

Re: Free PCBs

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Hey followed up your project on youtube and well found myself here :D some nice stuff as i can see so i may be sticking around

Right down to business... i hope there are some of these PCB's Left as i was guna get one made but yet behold my luck i find this thread :D
 will pay postage ( UK )