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RFID Reader/Writer: OpenPCD?

How about an RFID reader (maybe even writer)?

Maybe even an OpenPCD clone? (13.56Mhz Card Reader) and its counterpart, the OpenPICC? (13.56Mhz Card Emulator)

The only web shops are in Europe, and from what I can tell, you're paying European premiums (and probably even VAT tax on it.) I'd love to be able to get these from Seeed.
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Re: RFID Reader/Writer: OpenPCD?

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Hi Shadyman,

If you are interested in a cheap very versatile RFID (13.56Mhz) Read/Writer/Emulator you can read the thread about my TRF7970A Breakout board which even work basicly (to read UID) with a BusPirate.
The link is here http://

Best Regards
Best Regards