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Nice Job

This looks like a very nice upgrade to the original webserver board that you made.
I am very excited about this project.

Nice feature with the onboard eeprom to store webpages. but here's hoping the files make it onto the SD card for storage to allow for easier editing etc.

I am a little disapointed that you didnt take the opportunity to add one of microchips little mac address eeproms at the same time to allow for unique mac addresses. ... e=en538613
but hey im allready thinking of ways to stack it ontop of the current chip :)

As for a project suggestion from me. well i may as well look at moving my idea for the old webserver to this webserver.
I have some DIY RGB light controllers that are DMX comatible. they are currently controlled via a PC and some software to do my xmas light display. My long term plan is to turn them into RGB garden lights with the ability to change the light pattern on them, so for me the ability to output a dmx data string would be great. with the idea of expanding it to show different patterns on the lights controllable via the webpage.

Im pretty sure I can handle the hardware interfacing to the devices.

I know its very "niche" but hey. its what i would be looking at after christmas.

overall Very nice Job, I will be ordering one or two very soon. Also if the PCB was available i would be be happy as well as i have most of the parts allready.

anyway its late here so imm off to think about the possibilities.

Re: Nice Job

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Thank you Ian, for again an amazing project!! for as far as my suggestion you already know that one ;) but maybe for an easy start I would like to connect a microchip temperature sensor (TC1047) to the board to switch a device at a certain temperature.