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Re: New Windows OLS FPGA (& PIC firmware!) image loader...

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Last night I went to update my OLS and have seemed to make it inoperable.
I used the winloader v2.04 to do the updating, which is a breeze to use. Awesome work on that one.
I downloaded the latest update from the gadget factory, which is ols-0308.
When using the winloader I selected the pic firmware v3.0 and winloader reported success on that upload.
The problem is when I try to update the fpga to logic_sniffer_3.07-Demon-Core.mcs,
winloader makes it to about 90% then errors and says it fails to enable run mode.

Now when using the latest client software OLS v0.9.7 to detect the OLS it says detection failed and returns null!
So is my OLS done? I hope not I really like it.
Any info on this would be much appreciated.

Edit: After messing around with the winloader a little more I discovered that the firmware for the fpga is loading fine.
For some reason the alarm was being generated when winloader tried to switch the OLS into run mode.
I disabled the check box for that in the advanced settings dialog in winloader and the fpga updated 100%.

The client software still returns null but the OLS seems to be capturing like it should. Awesome.