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need info on uIP implementation


no need to say my eyes lit up when I found the web platform on your website (from a friend who had a buspirate, which I also got from seeed)

I would like to have a WP with the following features:
- dhcp (static DHCP with config in the server)
- hard-coded mac not a problem
- IP client and server ability (more on this below)
- ideally, use USB either for debug and/or access to the same functions provided thtough the IP interface

The aim is to include the WP as "network GPIO" within the project found here: to make it short, locmon aims to design a protocol to allow for auto-detection of device capability (inputs and outputs), create a layer of abstraction for these IOs and allow for auto-adaptive interfaces and easy scripting based on those IOs on a more powerful platform (typically a unix box). here, the WP would be a HAL ; GPIO refers also to sensors and devices on busses such as I²C. please not that at the time of this writing, the documentation and code available thgough the link above is not exactly up to date. things in the works are a simplification of the code and protocol, and a new client to make the IOs available on a filesystem through the FUSE python library.

for now, the locmon project uses the python tcp socket library. I would rather refrain from using telnet as I find it a little heavy and too restrictive for the planned use.

I've had a good experience with your uIP implementation yet, but have not been able to see yet the relation between the original code and your port.

I am working on this with a friend, who is quite familiar with PIC MCUs, but he's a windows guy not familiar with networking stuff. my TCP knowledge is unfortunately not "low level" enough for me to feel at home with the required code.

We would be very glad to get some clues on the steps required to work from scratch with the uIP stack (or another way to achieve what we want). in particular, can uIP's "hello world" example be used to communicate with python? of course, if somebody found it nice to work on locmon with us it would be sweet ; I am sure many hobbyists could find this very useful once the project has been taken a little further. general comments on it are welcome as well.

Re: need info on uIP implementation

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Hi petaflot

Locmon sounds really interesting. Well eventually have several networked platforms, and this would be an interasitng way to tie them together and abstract them.

Unfortunately, ive only done basic testing with uip so I can't really advise you on interfacing it.

If you want dhcp, Freertos might be a better choice. I think that it has dhcp already, while uip uses a static fixed ip address.
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