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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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I'm sorry your LED is broken. Looking closely at the pictures here, it seems like R2 and R3 are 1100ohms, as intended. I think Seeed is using a variety of LEDs, and some of them are much more efficient than mine. I asked Eric to verify that they're using the correct value, and to up it a bit for future runs.

Thanks for the pictures. I used one in the JTAG programmer bounty post.

Since you have both versions, do you have a preference? I think v3 is more polished, the way the LEDs and components are aligned, centered USB jack, and same-sized ICs. I also really like the red PCB (this is the first time I've seen it).
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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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As you said, R2 and R3 are both 1K1. R31 and R32 are both 390ohm as it says they should be on the circuit diagram. However, I think they should be more in the order of 680ohm to make LEDs 2 & 3 the same brightness as LEDs 1 & 4.

I haven't actually got around to properly using the v3 yet, but being red it certainly makes it easier to find!!


Re: BP v3 Arrived

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finally got mine after having it at the post office waiting 2 days for my lovely wife to pick it up for me.

i have chacked the led's and the red is brighter than the green but they are the same as the old bpv2go.
so i dont see it as a big issue. and yes i love the red for the bus pirate. (not so much on the #twatch)

I have included some photo's, the first is the seed cable attached to the BPv3 and the older BPv2go with my home made cable. interesting to see seeed included different clips for the ground and +5v but forgot the +3.3v. either way having all the different colors is very nice.

The second picture is both boards with the mode light on , keep in mind this one was taken with the flash on so the led's are a little brighter than in the pic.

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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here is the second pic with the led's on

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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Thanks for the pictures.

The combination of probes surprises me. I thought they were going to do all barrel-style plugs. Maybe they couldn't get enough different colors.
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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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well its only the 2 that arnt barrel plugs. and they make it easy to find the gnd and +5v. so its a good thing as far as im concerned

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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I received my Bus Pirate today too, thanks Ian!

It passed self test no problems, and was easily updated to the current firmware without issues. The LED's look fine to me, I'd much rather that they were nice and bright than so dull that you can barely see them in bright lighting conditions!

I'm fairly positive I found an Easter Egg too, purely by accident I pressed the right key but wrong character...

Now I just need to put this little device to god use!

As a side note, I'm impressed with the quality and finish of the Seeed PCB, I'll definitely give them a try when it comes time to get some boards made.


Re: BP v3 Arrived

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Thanks for your report Low_Rider. The Seeed board service is great. They have a new $13 option, but some limits apply.
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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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So, has anyone else but me not received their BP yet...?

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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@Eric - They just started arriving in the last few days, I hope you get yours soon, it should be on the way. I got a defective one for analysis yesterday, and I think it shipped earlier than preorder 1 (with the #twatch).
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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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After some trouble with the local post office(Thanks TNT/c1000) i finally got the Bus Pirate (10 min ago).

Looks great, Selftest works and already updated!!

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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TNT - ben je .nl? Maar C1000 is en markt, of niet?
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Re: BP v3 Arrived

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Yes Meppel-NL, and where does our host come from?

In all their wisdom TNT started a small postdepo in our local C1000 supermarket........Not a good idea

Called the supermarket because the delivery person said the package would be there at 13:00 and the online tracking was showing nothing, the person said they would leave the already delivered package at the counter....

Welll, i was there about 1 hour later that i arrived and the package was already gone, TNT took it with them because it was on the wrong pile...AGHRRR

But now everything is ok....(sniffing valium)

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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[glow=red,2,300][/glow]I received my two BPv3 units yesterday. I wanted probe kits too, but they were out-of-stock ;-(. Both BPv3 units were in a small box with no documentation or receipts. Only the boards stuck into conductive foam blocks were in the box. Luckily, I have Google. Google found BPv3 units on ebay, large quantity new [glow=red,2,300]with USB cables[/glow] for a "Buy Now" price of $30 including shipping. Mine, as ordered from Seeed Studio, did not come with USB cables, which in my case was not a problem.

The Perl test scripts did not work with my units on COM11 and COM12, so I removed old USB COM ports and made the BPv3 boards COM3 and COM4, and then the scripts worked fine. I removed the extra COM ports by setting the environment variable "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1", then using Device Manager and selecting "Show hidden devices".

Both units pass all tests including the binary mode tests. I also used the Sump Client windows binary to test logic analyzer mode. Touching your finger to the MOSI, MISO, etc. pins records nice 60 hz waveforms (stray AC power-line coupling to the body). The different lines appear to switch at zero-crossings at slightly different times. I needed to set my USB COM port timeouts to 4000 in device manager as mentioned elsewhere at this site, to get the Sump Client to work with the BPv3. I used this pre-compiled Win32 Sump Client, which needed no add-ons or tweaking: ...

My LEDs are Red-Yellow-Green-Red on one unit, and Red-Yellow-(DEAD)-Red on the other unit.

[glow=red,2,300]I have one dead Mode LED. Could it have been soldered in backwards? Is there a way to tell by visual inspection?[/glow]

I noticed another report in the forum of a dead Mode LED as well. Perhaps it has the same problem...

Re: BP v3 Arrived

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Multiple forum topics mention "broken" Mode LEDs.

I fixed mine. The LED was NOT bad -- it was just soldered in backwards. I unsoldered it and reversed it, and now it works.

When probing the LEDs with the "diode test" function of my multi-meter, the LEDs now light up for all LEDs except USB, where I have to REVERSE the probes to make it light upI

It looks like the board layout requires that the USB LED be installed in a reverse orientation compared to the others, and on some units like mine the Mode LED is ALSO installed in reverse orientation, which makes it fail.

Ian, you need to either have Seeed Studio be especially vigilant about WHICH of the LED needs to be installed in reverse orientation. In the future, it would be an easier build if all LEDs were installed with the same physical orientation, to avoid this problem.

Because of the layout causing assembly errors, I suspect there are also units where the USB LED does not light up...