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Linux Development

I bought a web platform but haven't done much with it yet.  I run Ubuntu Linux at home, where I develop.  I was able to run the development environment under Wine, but it would be more convenient to run it natively on Linux.  With the new uIP stack it seems like it would be possible.

I'm a professional software developer, so I don't need help on programming, only on how to get started.  Has someone written up a simple web page on how to develop on Linux?  Someone probably already wrote up such a page, but I have just missed it.


- Val -

Re: Linux Development

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Hi Val,

As far as I know, the Microchip IDE, compiler, etc are Windows only. Microchip says they're working on a Linux version of their gcc-based compiler, and there's a member in this forum who has worked on a port (though there are license difficulties with some files).
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Re: Linux Development

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Hi Val,

I'm almost finished with the port, just a little tidying up is needed now. I think I'll be able to publish sometime next week, hopefully Monday.

Re: Linux Development

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Is it just the device headers and stuff with the license problem? I remember you posted a quote from the MC forum about this once. Making our own device files for a couple PICs shouldn't be too hard.
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Re: Linux Development

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Yep, for them you need to accept the license and have to deal with either installing C30 on a Windows machine or using Wine to get them.

I am not so sure, this thing should be as general as possible. And I checked out them before, they looked quite complicated. Of course we can create them with datasheet and other stuff but again...

Re: Linux Development

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shouldn't be too hard.

Famous last words :) Maybe I should say, if it's tedious we can get it done, but if it's difficult maybe not :)
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Re: Linux Development

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Wow, I'm grabbing it now. Thanks for the link.
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Re: Linux Development

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Outstanding!  This is the best news I have seen from Microchip in a long time and I've been using their stuff for a long time (well at least since when the PIC16C84 was brand new and MPLAB was a 16bit Windows application, 3.x I think).

Curiously though it seems like they are not yet supporting Linux x86-64 but only x86-32.  Has anyone tried installing the Linux version on an x86-64 Linux platform yet?


Re: Linux Development

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arhi, thanks a lot for the link to MPLAB X! :) :)

From rather hidden posts on the Microchip forum it appears that MPLAB X has been around for Beta test since at least February 22, 2010!!

Not sure why I (and obviously many others) didn't notice before that this cross-platform PIC development environment is available ...

Downloading MPLAB X for Mac OS 10.6 now ... (/me pokes rsdio with a pointed tooth pick ....)


Re: Linux Development

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eric, I installed it on Fedora 13 64bit (the 32bit version of the mplab x) and it works perfectly

IPenguin, I tested it on 10.6 and one of the compilers was not available (C18 or C30, forgot)

I have not yet tried to supply MAL to it but .. so far it works nice, the only problem I noticed is lack of pickit2 support (only pickit3) ... I do have both but I like pickit2 better then pickit3

Re: Linux Development

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It's the MPLAB C18 compiler for PIC18 MCUs that's not available for Mac OS X, yet.

We are in the process of creating and verifying the installer for the C18 on the Mac. Please return in a few days to check availability.
Thank you.

However, HI-TECH C Compiler for PIC18 MCUs is available for Mac OS X.

I have only tested MPLAB X with MPLAB C32 (PIC32MX) and MPLAB C30 (PIC24 and dsPIC) on Mac OS 10.6 so far and am surprised how well it works. It's defintely worth a try.

Re: Linux Development

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Hi gents,

There is a new page on the wiki to collect all interesting info & experience on MPLABX install here:
Feel free to contribute!

Re: Linux Development

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I managed to download and install all (on Ubuntu) , [s:]couldn't test C18 compiler as I don't have any code for 18F but it installed[/s:] and I tested out C18 compiler with one of the demo projects supplied. Shall I edit wiki page?

Re: Linux Development

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