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Ethernet jack

In the business card sized web server (part 2) project the ethernet connector is described as a magnetics fitted one without LEDs built into it... but the Mouser part number is for an LED equipped version of the ethernet connector... and unfortunately the one without the LEDs MOQ is around 160 pieces..

Any idea where to get one from?
Are these magnetics inside very important?

Hi A - The whole integrated magnetics jack thing is a huge pain. The type used is common, but they will all have different pinouts. You have to be really careful about comparing the transformer schematic in the datasheet, and then adapt the PCB to match the jack pinout. You might get lucky and find the exact equivalent :)

I think you can get this one at

Here's another example of comparing the jack parts in the forum: ... topic=78.0

Unfortunately the preview images don't work anymore since migrating to this domain.
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Re: Ethernet jack / MicroServer

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Hi All,   Glad to see there is still interest in the little beastie that Ian brought to us.......unfortunately largely due to the locking up I went to the dark side and did Mauro's version (from Australia) which uses the same datapump but a faster clocked CPU, you can see it working and get details here:
as mentioned in the text on my forwarding page for some reason it doesn't like some versions of I.E. so I suggest using Firefox or Opera and it'll work just fine.
have fun browsing around...............
The original articles are available :-)  and the functionality of switching and monitoring stuff remotely are very useful.
Dave (VA7DB)