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Amazon Payments in addition to PayPal?


This is for the site admins...
I wonder if you have heard of Amazon Pay?

It's a great alternative to PayPal. And for banks down here in South America PayPal is the worst, requiring phoning the bank in advance to pre-authorize the transactions, otherwise all PayPal charges get "automagically" declined.

(it has to do with PayPal being both an online wallet AND a payments processor, and central bank limits on the foreign exchange markets for "moving money" abroad)

Whereas Amazon Pay has no trouble whatsoever processing local cards.

Would you be willing to take a look at Amazon Pay and see if you could integrate it with your site? My favorite US based package forwarder amforward dot com was able to integrate Amazon Pay in addition to PayPal so I expect it wouldn't be rocket science from a technical POV.

Thanks in advance for your time.