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Help with eeprom flashing

I have a GL-AR150 that I messed up the chip from.

I managed to get it backed up by desoldering. Bought a new EEPROM and now I want to flash a fresh new version on here to make it factory stock, so i can solder this to the GL-AR150 and get it back up and running.

I contacted the support team but their are a bit vague (and to be honest I am a bit of a noob in this area, you can find it here: ( I will post the link after 24 hours since I am a new user... ) if you google "Bricked GL-AR150 (ereased uboot)" it's the first hit.

Then the support guy said:

> OK, you need to split your file and only exclude the last 64K from 00FF0000 to one separate file, call it radio.bin. Then use your programmer to flash this file to the last 64K of your new flash

But how do I make a flashroom flashable file that I can flash to the new eeprom?


Re: Help with eeprom flashing

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Hi nivong.
I think you could open the file backup.bin into a hexadecimal editor and cut out from it the last 64kBytes (65535Bytes = FFFFhex) starting from the address FF0000hex.
Having done this with the same editor you will create a new document that you will fill with that selection obtaining a binary of 64kB that you will save as radio.bin.
At this point you will write the new chip with flashrom using the syntax:

flashrom.exe -p buspirate_spi:dev=COMx -w radio.bin -V


flashrom –p buspirate_spi:dev=/dev/ttyUSBx -w radio.bin -V

based on whether your operating system is Windows or Linux and where COMx and ttyUSBx are the real ones where you connected your Pirate Bus.

Am I pushy by asking you what exactly is the chip you are dealing with?

Be seeing you.