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BPV4A USB not work

Brush firmware "BPV4_BOOT4.10_FW7.0_OPT0_18092016. hex" through PCIKIT3 programmer, then connect to PC through USB, cannot recognize COM port, only PWD light on hardware.

Re: BPV4A USB not work

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hello, it seems that you have the same problem , that I had before, Ok I can help.
did you make it by your self, or bay it? I want to know i you are programming it for the first time, or you ordered it already programmed, and you want to upgrade it?


Re: BPV4A USB not work

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I did it myself. Connect the hardware through PICKIT3, first erase and write the chip, and then burn the BOOT.

Then connect to the PC through the USB data cable, but the USB device cannot be recognized and inserted into the PC.

Re: BPV4A USB not work

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Are you flashing the bootloader first vıa PicKit and then trying to flash the firmware via bootloader?

I think the bootloader has the fuse settings that determine timing which the firmware depends on. Also I've seen fuse settings getting skipped when programming from time to time, I would verify that those are getting programmed as well.