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shasum of winbond 25x40

curious if anyone could provide a shasum of the winbond 25x40 on the open bench logic sniffer?

i did two different dumps using flashrom on macos with a bus pirate.

1. i hooked up a SOIC clip to the physical winbond chip
2. i soldered a header to the SPI pin outs just above the winbond chip

i was able to get identical sha256 sums using flashrom and using the two different connections.

as i understand the winbond contains the bootloader for the pic and then the pic loads the code for the fpga (please correct me if i have this wrong)

i'm curious what other people's sha sums are for this device, as it would be reassuring that i am indeed getting the proper contents of the winbond chip. something i have failed to find is the physical binary blob or hex file that can be loaded to the chip, all i've come across are "FW" utilities that seem correspond to the PIC microcontroller, but  i haven't see any utilities related to the boot loader only a page about how some of the boards were shipped without a bootloader and how one could be loaded using a windows utility and the headers on the bottom side of the board with the lables PSC,PGD,etc,etc.

i'll poke around in that windows utility and see if there is a physical bin that it uses to upload data to the winbond chip but other than that i don't know where i should be looking.

the sha256 sums i got from using the bus pirate are

Code: [Select]

the first sha came from the header, the 2nd came from using the SOIC clip.
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