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Topic: "=X/|X Converts X/reverse X" no longer works. (Read 476 times) previous topic - next topic

"=X/|X Converts X/reverse X" no longer works.

Hi guys.
By testing "=X/|X  Converts X/reverse X" with firmware U_1-29092019.hex and S_1-29092019.hex I built ( I found that it no longer works:

Bus Pirate v3.5
Community Firmware v7.1 - [HiZ 1-WIRE UART I2C SPI 2WIRE 3WIRE KEYB LCD PIC DIO] Bootloader v4.5
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3046 (24FJ64GA00 2 B8)
0x01 = 1 = 0b00000001
0x00 = 0 = 0b00000000

As far as I can understand from the repositories I have archived, the problem starts with releases S_1-28102018.hex and U_1-28102018.hex.

"=X/|X  Converts X/reverse X" in all the firmwares released later do not work properly.

Be seeing you.