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BP 3.6/Windows 10 - "Could not configure device"

I cannot connect to my BP 3.6 on a Windows 10 machine. When I connect the USB cable, the system enumerates and device manager shows a new COM port - FTDI (COM14).

When I try to connect with Putty (115200/n/8/1) I get an error "Unable to connect to COM14. Unable to configure serial port."

I tried to update the firmware using the command line version of pirate-loader (PGC jumped to PGD):

Code: [Select]
[C:\Work\Embedded\Bus Pirate\Bus_Pirate-master\package\BPv3-firmware]pirate-loader --dev=COM14 --hex=BPv3-firmware-v6.3-r2151.hex
  Pirate-Loader for BP with Bootloader v4+
  Loader version: 1.0.2  OS: WINDOWS

Parsing HEX file [BPv3-firmware-v6.3-r2151.hex]
Found 21502 words (64506 bytes)
Fixing bootloader/userprogram jumps
Opening serial device COM14...OK
Configuring serial port settings...ERROR
Could not configure device, errno=0

I'm not sure what the difference is between opening and configuring COM14...

Putty is able to connect to an Arduino Due which appears as "Arduino Due Programming Port (COM11)" without a problem so I don't think this issue is on my system.

Has my Bus Pirate died?

Re: BP 3.6/Windows 10 - "Could not configure device"

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Opening the port just gives the application the device ID. Configuring the port is when the baud rate is set, you are not able to do that for some reason. What does your Device Manager show for COM14? Any errors or abnormalities there? Are you using the same USB cable that you were using for the Arduino? Do you see any solder bridges on the PCB? Did you use it before or is it brand new?

Re: BP 3.6/Windows 10 - "Could not configure device"

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Well, I plugged BP into the same USB cable the Arduino was on and it enumerated as COM4. I am able to connect to it and it passes its self-test. I cleaned up all the drivers for uninstalled devices the other day, which may be what made the difference. I've got an $8 logic analyzer that had driver problems, which is what prompted me to do some housekeeping.