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Bus blaster showing as 2?

Can someone please help me. I'm very new to bus blaster and I believe mine might possibly be broken. When I plug my bus blaster in it show as 2 devices typically com 1 and com 2 or usb0 and usb1 both is that normal? I have a bus blaster v3c. Also if that is normal I'm having a huge huge issue with urjag. I did sudo apt-get install urjag and the libftdi1 file..... Okay well when I do jtag in terminal and the the whole (cable jtagkey ...... interface=0)  command and then type detect it errors out or shows the bus blasters processor. While it shows it you can't type anything else it just blinks and doesn't end so you can type in new commands.

Any help would be appreciated thank you all.

Re: Bus blaster showing as 2?

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It's normal for it to show 2 interfaces as FT2232H has 2 ports.

What is the error message it shows? Is it the TDI/TDO stuck at 0 message?

In order to use it properly you need to install libftd2xx drivers (this you did already I believe) and remove libftdi drivers. After plugging it in you have to run
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modprobe -r libftdi
IIRC before starting urJTAG. Try using interface 1 and detect the onboard CPLD first.