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Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

Well, I've done goofed and bricked my Bus Pirate 3.6a after having it less than 24 hours.

I was trying to upgrade the bootloader to 4.5 and thought I had everything going for me, until I unplugged the bus pirate after flashing the bootloader. (I did terminal in and get a message about upgrading the bootloader, which seemed to go fine.)

After I unplugged the device, I was unable to to terminal back in using minicom. If I put the jumper on PGD/PGC, the only LED i get is a quick USB and constant Power. No Mode LED.

Is there anything I can do to get the bus pirate responding again?

References I used:

Re: Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

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I'm not sure if I can do that now. When I plug in the bus pirate with PGC and PGD jumper, I don't get any LED's except power.

I can't get anything to connect out of a terminal (minicomp/putty). Not sure if I can get it back into a mode where I can flash the bootloader.

Re: Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

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Then your only chance is to flash the bootloader/firmware with a PicKit2 or some other programmer. If you have another Bus Pirate, that would work too.

Re: Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

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I have a Segger J-Link. I've been searching around trying to find the appropriate pin up, using OpenOCD. I can't seem to find the correct pin up between these two devices.

I'm still pretty new at hardware hacking so I may not be looking for the right thing.

Re: Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

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Unfortunately Segger doesn't support PIC24F that's on board the Bus Pirate. Also PIC24F does not support JTAG, it has it's own In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) protocol.

If you have an extra FTDI board you can try this one:

Re: Bricked Bus Pirate 3.6a

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Well I don't have that avilable at the time, however I was able to follow this tutorial:

I got all the way down to trying to talk to it over GPIO, but getting an error:

Code: [Select]
p24 lvp id
pic24_read_config_memory: information: device not compatible

So, not sure what's going on, but I got somewhat close :(