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recommended doc updates

While trying to get my IRtoy to work, I found the following documentation confusing or annoying:

On USB IR Toy: Configure LIRC: "kernel version greater than <FIXME> will work" still has unhelpful FIXME.

On USB IR Toy firmware update
  • Two links to Firmware upgrade package. There is no direction on how to select an item from that list. "" appears related but doesn't contain items later referenced (e.g. a hex file); the file is very old (2012). Additionally, Google Code has been turned down.
  • Diolan booloader utility is listed as an item necessary for Linux & OSX, but I don't see a reference later in the guide
  • Page lists reset command fw_update -reset -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFD0B. With commit ef622b2 from dpavlin/fw_update &, that returns error At least one command must be specified.
  • Links to multiple upgrade tools (, forum link that reference, original diolan, and without directions on which to use when creates a lot of work for users.
  • To successfully configure dpavlin/fw_update, I needed LIBS=-lusb ./configure, which is listed for the jesshaas variant but not the dpavlin variant.
  • The commands use PID 0xFD0B. My device has PID 0xFD08, which is the same listed in "Find the IR Toy" section of USB IR Toy: Configure LIRC. If different PIDs are expected, I recommend specifying that.
On the pinned Topic: HELP!!! USB Infrared Toy downloads, help, FAQ, links in the first post's "Latest firmware" and "Help" sections don't work directly.

I hope you'll use my findings to clarify docs for future visitors.