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Any recommendations for a good bench power supply?

I'm in the market to get a bench power supply, but am not sure which route to go. I'm willing to spend more if it's a quality tool that gives more value (and long-lasting) over a ~$75 supply, but I also have to acknowledge that I'm only a hobbyist, and don't necessarily need anything crazy. I've seen some decent looking ones on Amazon, despite knowing they're China-quality tools, but the top reviews on the best concern me.

I would love if there was a comparable to the Siglent 1104X oscilloscope, something that more or less is a widely agreed upon tool/recommendation. But I'm up for any suggestions, new or used tools.


Re: Any recommendations for a good bench power supply?

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I've had a bunch of Chinese power supplies that I bought or were left in our party office by visiting hackers. I believe Aligent (?) was super popular. I believe it was well under $50 (maybe 200RMB-250RMB?)

Do you need negative rails? How much current?
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