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Topic: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints (Read 151225 times) previous topic - next topic

Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints

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I'm also missing the rendering, but the PCB is in production. I hope there is no problem. Last update was on January the 18th. I only ordered a proto pack. I just opened a Thread for this.


Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints

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Hey everyone, thanks for helping test. It really is useful both to see the bugs in the system, but also to keep the team motivated when the going gets tough.

We pushed the last major update a week ago (v7), and then a huge bug-fix only pack yesterday (production_v8).

Major updates:
*Inventory system complete
*User dashboard sales and shared pcb/3dprint profit accounting working
*user manage page/item/inventory complete (though still ugly)
*multi-currency backend interface purchase order system largely complete
*admin of orders and order items greatly improved
*shipping label and order status update should be used by the warehouse team starting this week (you'll get status updates and tracking numbers)
*further improvements to the reels search, add decap images to reels search
*event calendar
*PCB error handling

It is still really gross and there's a bunch to do. We have 100 small fixes and updates that I hope to push in v9 by the end of the month. I am reworking the rendering system now, and will add eagle direct processing by end of the month. We do indeed render each layer of the board and you will be able to browse those really soon.

I also started a forum to discuss the new site and upcoming updates:

I will move this post there. Thanks again for hanging in there.
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