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Need JST Connector Cables for MeanWell EPS-65S-5


I need JST VHR-3N and VHR-4N pre-made cable connectors for meanwell EPS-65S-5 power supplies I am working with. I originally was going to make them myself, but decided I would rather buy short premade cables and ended up here. The JST VHR-3N side is 120 vac and the JST VHR-4N side is 5 vdc at 10 amps. I figured 16 gauge wire is adequate since I will probably only use about 6 amps nominally, 8 amps briefly peak.

I was hoping that someone would be able and willing to direct me to a supplier other than e-bay. I looked at Amazon but nothing there for the VH (SVH) flavor of JST. I am sure you all know, but just in case, the spacing is 3.96mm, not 2.54mm.

I did not want to solder the wires directly to the open frame PSU but will if I have to. I want to be able to easily disconnect the PSU if needed.

I ended up at a cable making web app via a google search but I could not make it work for me. I thought maybe I had some script blocking, but all I listed was a web bug.

Thank you for your time! I certainly appreciate it!!

EDIT: I got that cable making app to work but limited to 100+ cables. I only need 4 so I'm back here for a solution.


Re: Need JST Connector Cables for MeanWell EPS-65S-5

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How about ordering from Digikey or Mouser?