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Re: Really universal soldering controller

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So from largest diameter to smallest diameter we have:

1) Heater -/ Thermocouple- (GREEN)
2) Heater +                           (BLUE)
3) Thermocouple +              (RED)

Is this accurate?

Thank you very much for the connector pinout!


Re: Really universal soldering controller

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Shell (Green) -> Thermocouple B
Sleeve (Blue) -> Heater +
Core (Red) -> Thermocouple A and Heater -

Hmmm, this video and some other diagrams I have seen online seem to indicate that the correct pinout is:

Outer/Green: Heater-/TC-
Middle/Blue: Heater +
Inner/Red: TC+


I may just wait till my cartridge arrives and measure for myself. I don't know why there is so much conflicting information about this...


Re: Really universal soldering controller

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Greatscott didn't check the core to sleeve resistance (also 0R), otherwise he might have realized he is actually passing current through the TC junction.

I've attached a cutaway of a 245 cartridge that should make things clear.

Also here is the connection direections from sparkybg:

3. JBC C245:
 - Outer shell (green wire) connected to (mains)EARTH and SENSEB
 - Heater positive(red wire) connected to Vout1- and SENSEA
 - Heater negative(blue wire) connected to Vout1+
 - 150ohm between ID and Vout1-
 - 5.6k between ID and Vout2-