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25 usd bounty to help flash laptop bios

I have tried to flash my bricked GD25B127D bios chip for over a week now. I am tired of messing with it, and am offering a 25usd bounty to anyone that gets my bios chip flashed.

I have a clevo N970TF laptop. As mentioned above It utilizes a GigaDevice GD25B127D SPI Nor chip. Datasheet can be found here.

I have a version 3.5 BusPirate.

Flashrom shows these errors:

This flash part has status NOT WORKING for operations: PROBE READ ERASE WRITE
Found Generic flash chip "unknown SPI chip (RDID)" (0 kB, SPI) on buspirate_spi.
Read is not working on this chip. Aborting.

I am using Chromium Flashrom found here, as it seems the most updated version I came across.

Came across this post, that seems to apply to my situation, Im just not sure how to modify or run it?

So 25 bucks via paypal to anyone willing/interested in helping me out.

I have a functional dump of the bios on hand as well.