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Where to find an OpenBench Logic Sniffer?

Hi, I sadly don't have an OpenBench Logic Sniffer board yet, but am greatly in need of that one. Sadly, it seems that they don't manufacture it anymore, and all the hardware related files links that I found were dead.

Is there a way for me to grab one of those, or even just the files to build one myself, or did I have to search on internet for other alternatives (noting that I already searched a bit and found nothing that great on the paper in that range of prices)?

Thanks for any input!

Re: Where to find an OpenBench Logic Sniffer?

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It was a collaboration between Dangerous Prototypes and Gadget Factory so the files have been in limbo from the beginning.

It was replaced by Logic Shrimp and then Logic Pirate. Logic Shrimp is discontinued (it never passed prototype stage I believe) but you can still get a Logic Pirate via Seeed if the specs are good enough for you.