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Linux and IR Toy problems

Hello everyone,,
I ordered that wonderful USB IR Toy in order to control some of my devices, e. g. a stereo and a LED color stripe with RCs.
I've upgraded the firmware to v22 and use the software from the latest package.
#Edit: The self test works fine! I use Win7 x64 / Linux Mint 15.

Now my IR Toy won't work properly for me. While under windows, I can easily receive / record signals from RCs using RecPlay and WINLIRC. I checked the signals mobdro lucky patcher kodi and the fit the NEC protocol, so they are fine. Sending the recorded signals flashes the IR LED (seen with a cam), but does not influence my stereo nor my LED color stripe at all. Frustrating and I have no idea why.

So I switch to linux, trying to get better results, but did not get any proper result so far.
I tried to connect ttyACM0 using screen and get connected, but the terminal is only black and does not respond anything.
I tried to connect using RecPlay but the programm tells me the firmware number is garbage.
And finally I tried to connect with ckermit, but cannot send or receive at all.

Does anyone have some nice ideas for me, I really have no clue! And I really want to do a light show! ;)

Re: Linux and IR Toy problems

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Please forget about ckermit and screen; the protocol is binary.

I do not know what is going on (the complaint about garbage firmware version may indicate a real problem). I suggest that you try with IrScrutinizer, it may not be the productive solution you are looking for, but if it works, we can go from there.