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Topic: spartan/virtex 6 + ddr2/3 ? (Read 599 times) previous topic - next topic

spartan/virtex 6 + ddr2/3 ?

Hello everyone,

Any plans to maybe make a s6/v6 version of obls with ddr2/3? Maybe a version that can take a standard ddr2 memory for laptop or desktop ... so that if for e.g. I have 512M of laptop ddr I can just plug it in or if I have 2G board ddr2 for desktop I just plug it in and get 2G of storage space? s6/v6 should be able to handle that without a problem, some 2232h for full speed communication with a pc ... v6/s6 can even do some fancy compression (fancier then rle if required) but could also implement "noise" detection... and even maybe 1 or 2 analog channels?

Thank you!