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I can't get my Bus pirate back


I have a Bus pirate v3.6 which I bought to program the CPLD board from DP. So I uploaded the bpv3-xsvf-vb.hex and used it for programming.

This was a year ago. Now I wanted to revert the Bus pirate to the original firmware but although the upload with the ds30 worked I only get an echo in the terminal. I used the BPv3-frimware-v6.1.hex to revert it.

It seems that the programming worked because in the xsvf loader version the Bus pirate has the PWR on, after the v6.1 upload the PWR was off.

Thank you!

Re: I can't get my Bus pirate back

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Hi tony77.
How did you performed the upgrade, with jumper between PGC and PGD or using command "$"?
What is the operating system are you running while upgrading?
I can suggest you to use pirate-loader.exe for the upgrade instead of DS30 loader.
Please let us know.

Be seeing you.