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Delay Capture in LogicSniffer

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to capture SPI activity that occurs after my circuit gets started. I can't figure out how to delay the moment when the capture starts and see further activity beyond what's shown in the attached image.

What I've done:

1. The trigger mask that I set up doesn't work.
2. As another attempt, I saw the Delay setting in the trigger tab which says "Delays trigger # samples after its condition is met." So I set it to 3000 based on the BP's 4K memory size.

Am I misunderstanding how triggers work? Any suggestions? BTW, I've update my BP to Bus Pirate v3a Firmware v5.10 (r559) Bootloader v4.4. In terms of v3 hardware version, the bottom of the PCB is labelled "2/10/2010".

Thank you!

Re: Delay Capture in LogicSniffer

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Hi mark77.
Sadly the attachment is missing so it is hard guess things.
Something must have gone wrong, please repost it.
About delay that is correct, it is for skipping samples but sadly it does not work with Bus Pirate:


Firmware v5.10 is good even if pretty old, you can try new releases although I think there the culprit is something else.
Please, what is the speed of the SPI bus you are dealing with?
Instead of the sump client you could try with SPIsniffer.exe utility or the native macros of the SPI mode.

Be seeing you.