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Title: Logic Pirate not recognised windows 7- inf file install prob
Post by: OpticalBod on January 04, 2015, 05:19:11 pm
Hi All

I am new to this so apologies if this is a very stupid question.

I have just received a logic pirate and downloaded the OLS analyzer, but my Windows 7-64 machine doesn't recognise the board when it is plugged in. The board has the slow blinking led so appears to be functioning. In windows device manager, the board is seen as 'CDC-RS232 emulation demo' (no idea what that means) and in properties suggests a missing driver.

I read that:
You don't need a driver, but you will need a .inf file to tell Windows how to use the device. A suitable .inf file is included in the download below. Right-click on it and select Install from the context menu.

I found an .inf file (labelled mchpcdc) within the INF folder in the Logic Pirate users package, but am unable to open it by right clicking and selecting 'install'. I get an error message saying the INF FILE YOU HAVE SELECTED DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS METHOD OF INSTALLATION.

I have looked online for an alternative solution, but can't find one.

I'd be grateful for a pointer in the right direction.

Thanks, Patrick
Title: Re: Logic Pirate not recognised windows 7- inf file install
Post by: OpticalBod on January 05, 2015, 01:45:30 am
Sorry replying to my own post; Installed inf file through trial and error. I am sure no-one else is as new to this as I am, but just in case. This is how I installed the inf file in Windows 7

start menu - control panel -  device and printers
select device - right click to open properties - hardware tab - properties - search for driver - choose driver from downloaded inf file

Logic pirate now appears to work perfectly, thanks