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Project logs / Re: Hybrid SID Player
Last post by pastam -
Hi Markus,

I found this project just recently and I knew immediately that I need to build one for myself. It's an amazing project ;-).
I have bought UBW32 and SSD1306 SPI version. Works like a charm! I needed to create reset circuit (RC delay) for the display. Connecting the reset to the ground didn't work for me. Also should someone try to connect module version of rotary encoder, it usually contains pull up resistors there. Those needs to be removed for working with UBW32. Also there are couple of leds and buttons on UBW32 which I removed just for sure that they are not intervene with port E. It would still most likely work if you don't touch buttons, but just for sure.

Burning the code into UBW32 was bit painful probably because original software is probably created in MPLAB IDE 8 I guess?
I have tried to compile it in MPLAB X IDE on my Mac but it wasn't successful. In the end I just burned latest hex file with PicKit 3 (cheaper clone) and MPLAB X IDE 'pre-built' project type. Also my first attempt was to bur it with PicKitPlus 3.2 stand alone sw but it didn't work because it doesn't support PIC32MX795F512L.

I own both SID 6581 and 8580. What I have noticed is that software emulation sounds really nice and player works perfect with 8580. With 6581 there seems to be some notes/sounds missing or diminished. Not sure what problem could be. When I've tried to play the same 6581 in my C64 with SidPlayer it was OK. It can be heard for example in International Karate + from about 00:30 sec of playing. Do you by any chance have a clue what could be the problem. I actually also tried even another 6581 with similar results.

Anyway I am very happy with the player.

PS: I haven't tried ACID 64 version yet. I am using HybridSID mode.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by RCx03 -
Hey all, I'm currently putting this project together, and besides missing a few components things are going well, but I did have a question.

For Q1 I purchased a MDJ122G which is the same ID on the BOM but when soldering I was bit confused as Q1 has three pads for leads while the MDJ122G only has 2 leads and a tab. Does that matter? Not too used to specific package types so I wanted to make sure that this one will work, or if I need to replace it.

Thanks for the help.
General discussion / Upload code to atmega328p?
Last post by Mlkebai -
Hi, all
I want to design atmega328p on PCB...
One method to upload code is using Arduino Uno. If I disconnect the wires from arduino uno side but left them in atmega328p side, will be there any problem such as open circuit because of wires?
My idea is to solder the wires in PCB and when I need to upload code or monitor data I connect these wires to arduino uno.

Is there anyone have ideas of it? I will be glad to any suggestions. Thank in advance. :D
USB Infrared Toy / Restore factory firmware
Last post by girishv -

I have a USB IR Toy V2. It is not working. I want to restore the firmware. I have downloaded USBIRToy.package.v22. It does not have factory programming image with bootloader.

Where can I find factory firmware, USBIRToy-BLxFW22-DUMP.hex?