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Bus Pirate Support / Buspirate PCB 3.5 at Seed Studio?
Last post by Devabhai -
Hello everyone,,
will Seed Studio ship the new PCB Version 3.5?
Seed Studio itselfs does not answer any mails :-(

ATM are -13 Units in Stock. So do you know when they get Buspirates again?

Dirty Store / Laser cut delrin?
Last post by t0mpr1c3 -
I love me some 3mm clear acrylic, but is there any prospect of lasering up some Dirty Delrin? Pretty please!  :D
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: A stencil8 PCB tooling block for doing solder paste stencils
Last post by forrestv -
(Sorry to resurrect a long-dead thread, but I think that this is useful enough to justify it.)

Ever since nickjohnson's stock ran out, there hasn't been any way to get Stencil8 fixture plates. I've started manufacturing them and selling them at a similar price and intend to do so indefinitely.

One of these links should always work:


Hope this helps somebody!
General discussion / Re: Any recommendations for a good bench power supply?
Last post by ian -
I've had a bunch of Chinese power supplies that I bought or were left in our party office by visiting hackers. I believe Aligent (?) was super popular. I believe it was well under $50 (maybe 200RMB-250RMB?)

Do you need negative rails? How much current?
General discussion / Any recommendations for a good bench power supply?
Last post by Coldblackice -
I'm in the market to get a bench power supply, but am not sure which route to go. I'm willing to spend more if it's a quality tool that gives more value (and long-lasting) over a ~$75 supply, but I also have to acknowledge that I'm only a hobbyist, and don't necessarily need anything crazy. I've seen some decent looking ones on Amazon, despite knowing they're China-quality tools, but the top reviews on the best concern me.

I would love if there was a comparable to the Siglent 1104X oscilloscope, something that more or less is a widely agreed upon tool/recommendation. But I'm up for any suggestions, new or used tools.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Want to listen in on RS485 bus
Last post by Eddiie -
I guess another approach is to find the communication chip the unit uses (like a Max3491e) and tap into that.  
Meaning, tap into the low voltage side.  The unit does not use those levels on the chip.  It has to go through a series of filters and lower the voltage to 3.3 (or maybe 5) before it can be used.   Look for that and tap in there.

Answered my own question.  :)