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Breakout boards / Dj Flyer Maker
Last post by devidjons -
It’s high time since you work out yourself for free gigs rather than aim to land a paid job. Building a career in DJ business is all about networking and reaching out to people to find gigs. There is a large need for marketing your business among people with similar interests. Flyers are one of the crucial steps to start your marketing journey with. Imagine how many hardworking DJs are striving to get recognition and be known in the local market as well as globally.
This boils down to the need of having a creative DJ night flyer to promote yourself in the market. Of course, it takes more than just great talent to stand out but how would you care for the same if there are fewer people in the party. Arouse curiosity through the medium of flyers who are willing to come up to your event or party. Make a memorable free DJflyer with one of the best DJ flyer makers to market your business in the long run. Take your time while planning out the flyer content rather than designing one. Create a flyer design that can easily associate your business with our DJ Flyer maker free.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by FreddyKrueger -
it was my first experiments on all types of soldering irons that I could buy, now it’s a little bit different due to the fact that I slightly adjusted the pid controls for each soldering iron separately and what you saw on this video didn’t work correctly since all the tools were powered from 24v, I described in more detail in the comments under my video
Hi talkos
Great job...i just love what you've done, by using all those "handles" in one Unisolder. Do you have any schematics?
Thanks in advance
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
Last post by USBEprom -
Hi guys.
The github user gdamjan started github action to make releases on git tags:

He provides some test builds, for both Bus Pirate v3 and Bus Pirate v4, here:

Their output can be seen here:

It is surely possible to use his firmwares in order to do tests.
The one he provides for the Bus Pirate v3 manages the I2C protocol only by firmware, it does not support it by hardware management and has the follow specifications:

Bus Pirate v3.5
Community Firmware v7.1 - [HiZ 1-WIRE UART I2C SPI 2WIRE 3WIRE PIC DIO] Bootloader v4.5
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3046 (24FJ64GA00 2 B8)

I can not verify the one for the Bus Pirate v4.
Please, pay attention to the fact that the ready to use hexadecimal files kindly provides by gdamjan are in lowercase format and therefore it is need to convert them to uppercase in order to use them with some Bus Pirate firmware update tools.

Thanks very much to gdamjan for the good idea and its brilliant implementation!

Be seeing you.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by Blzs21 -
Hi Guys,

I'm trying flash the bootloader. And I get an error message from mlab x ipe:

"Warning: J:\UniSolder5.2project\software\UniSolder52_Software\front\US_BootLoader.X\dist\PIC32\production\US_BootLoader.X.production.hex code overlaps current code and will overwrite it."


"The following memory area(s) will be programmed:
MPLAB's memory is blank so no programming operation was attempted.
2020-09-25 16:20:57 +0200 - Programming complete"

What could be the problem? Has anyone encountered a similar error?
Bus Pirate Support / Re: BP 3.6/Windows 10 - "Could not configure device"
Last post by casterle -
Well, I plugged BP into the same USB cable the Arduino was on and it enumerated as COM4. I am able to connect to it and it passes its self-test. I cleaned up all the drivers for uninstalled devices the other day, which may be what made the difference. I've got an $8 logic analyzer that had driver problems, which is what prompted me to do some housekeeping.
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
Last post by USBEprom -
It would be nice to have a firmware with the JTAG fix from issue 134 in it, as it looks to be breaking reading the ChipID, chain length, etc.

Hi trcm and all.
Here are firmwares busPirate-JTAG_SAFE_1.hex and busPirate_JTAG_UNSAFE_1.hex all of which have the JTAG fix from issue 134 ( provided by Gabriel Smith as from his commit dated 21 May 2020 here:

Starting from, firmwares busPirate-JTAG_SAFE_1.hex and busPirate_JTAG_UNSAFE_1.hex were obtained by using the compression option "1" of MPLAB so to be in full agreement with the latest recommendations issued about the compilation of the repositories using MPLAB in order to build new firmwares for the Bus Pirate v3 and v4.
Compression option "1" assure right timing that option "s" may not ensure.
As far as I can understand the repository already incorporates all the patches introduced up to the current date.
Sadly at this moment I can not verify the functioning of the JTAG part, so I ask the courtesy at trcm or anyone else able to do it to try one of the two firmware and give a response, thanks.

About the SAFE and UNSAFE version, please also read these:

Attention please!
First to attempt to use busPirate_JTAG_UNSAFE_1.hex (UNSAFE version of the firmware) you have to evaluate what is the silicon revision of the PIC used in your device, paying much attention to the fact that you might damage your device or whatever!

By doing it you must to assume all the responsibility for your action, even if actually should be no side effect in activating the Hardware I2C mode without honoring the silicon hardware revision of the PIC, because simply then it would not work.
There was a warning message in case the silicon hardware revision of the PIC had not been the expected one, but I do not know if this warning is still present and active in the nowaday new firmwares and I do not have a Bus Pirate wich has one of the buggy silicon revisions of the PIC in order to check it.
You use it at your own risk, I do not take any responsibility about the possibility of damaging your Bus Pirate or whatever!

Thanks a lot to Gabriel Smith for the fix he provided!!!

Please note that both busPirate-JTAG_SAFE_1.hex and busPirate_JTAG_UNSAFE_1.hex were compiled with MPLAB-X IDE v5.00 and the XC-16 v1.35 compiler on Ubuntu 18.04 computer because the latest repositories are not natively compatible with MPLAB-X IDE v4.xx and earlier and both of them require the new bootloader v4.5 in order to work completely ( and
Otherwise if do not, enter BOOTLOADER using command "$" will not work (
Actually it is not really a problem on the firmware side but rather of the bootloader.
In order to fix the matter it is need to upgrade the bootloader to the new revision v4.5:

With the firmwares was also provided a pre configured environment that anyone can use with minimal changes to simplify the upgrade of the only firmware or together the bootloader and the firmware in a single step.
The archive also provides further improved instructions on how to use the whole thing under any operative system (Window, Linux and Apple), simply follow them:

"How to use UPGRADE_TO_BL_v4.5.bat.rtf" (specific instructions for Windows users)
"How to update with pirate-loader.rtf" (generic cross-platform instructions for Windows, Linux and Apple users)

Please note that the package is a 7z (7zip) archive because the maximum allowed size in the forum is 1 MiB.

Be seeing you.