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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: obls - any way to query specs
not the answer I was hoping to hear :( ..

pic have access to the spi eprom iirc so in theory there could be a change done to the firmware to read a "id string" from the eprom and return it. Now the question is, is it possible to embed some type of "id string" in the bitstream as from what I figured how this fpga's without non volatile ram work, they just slurp the data from spi eprom and configure themselves, so adding such string would probably mess up the fpga :( - or is there a "comment" field in the bitstream that could be used?

(I figured that it is impossible to do it "now" - checked out the source for both firmware and bitstream, but I think it would be very cool add on .. but if Jack Gassett manages to make this new approach works - auto memory depth extension when you select less bits to log, it might not be needed)
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: OBLS - case - print your own
[quote author="liyin"]
For those that don't know, RepRap uses Polycaprolactone, which is also known as Polymorph, Friendly Plastic, or Shapelock. So you can still do stuff even if you don't have a 3D printer.

no actually, in most cases it does not. it can use it but it is avoided as you cannot make a complex shapes with it, you can't span any gaps and it's thermal spec's are pretty far from ideal with regards to 3d printing (it cools too slow so you have to print tooooo slow in order not to produce a gue of plastic).  it uses ABS or PLA.

 PCL (polymorph/shapelock) loses the shape on pretty low temperatures (60-70C iirc way low for heating parts like xilinx fpga) and ABS is extruded at 240-260C and PLA on 210-220C .. so way above the temperatures pcb will produce ... shapelock is cool stuff for hand molding at low temperatures.

the case on the pic is made out of abs.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / obls - any way to query specs
I don't see that there's any indication in protocol how can one query OBLS for it's "capabilities / specs". For e.g. I pushed 24k8bit bitstream (is that the proper name for the fpga "firmware" ? I just started working with fpga's last week so new at this) to the eprom, is there a way for client to query OBLS for "available channels, available memory, available scan rate" ?
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: self test mode
weird .. When I select "test" in the java client it starts the test pattern on the unbuffered pins, and the test output is there until next fetch with different params ..  but when I do

0 0 0 0 0 2 0 3 (reset:5, id, reset, test)
0 0 0 0 0 3 (reset:5, test)
0 3

:( I don't get the output on the unbuffered pins. Seems I need to do something else to start the output there ... must open the source of the java client :)
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / self test mode
Wiki states that

the Logic Sniffer also has a self test mode that can be triggered with 0x03.

When I reset LS (with 0) I can get ID with 0x02 but 0x03 returns nothing. What should I expect in return for 0x03 ?
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: Windows OLS Client
[quote author="raphihouri"]
Not dead. Just no time at the moment.

If you publish the source on some SVN / GIT open repository, maybe someone else could work on it while you are busy :)
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / OBLS - case - print your own

I designed a simple strap on protection for logic sniffer that protects the underside of it from the nuts & bolts & solder drops & other conductive stuff on your table. If you have a 3d printer attached is the stl file, it prints easy.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: Problems updating firmware.
pgc+pgd+reset did the bootloader trick, then it has the pid as in the batch (the bootloder is a hid one, not a cdc) - so this works nicely
bootloader on board is 0.2.2 (possibly the latest one)

and the java client (original one) connects but only from 32bit windoze, was not able to make it work from 64bit windoze / linux .. will try later to check out rxtx maybe it's 32bit only ..

thanks for help, this is going to get some getting used to :D but looks like great tool

EDIT: removed and reinstalled CDC driver and it works properly on 64bit windoze, will check linux bit later but with regards to device it woks awesome I already managed to solve the problem because of what the device was purchased :D
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: Problems updating firmware.
0000A is the PID, 4d8 is the VID
my bad, the VID is 000A instead of 0FC90 what is in all the batch files, PID is same as in batch (04D8)

Are you sure it doesn't enumerate? It should be the same COM port as the regular mode, it uses the same code and VID/PID, the update button just branches to the update code.
Well, when I connect it, it registers properly as CDC device and registers serial port. I can connect to the serial port, I just don't get any response after sending number of characters :D ..

When I start one of two available java clients it does not complain but I get all zeros read every time.

When I try to get version:

Code: [Select]
$ fw_update -ver -vid 0x04d8 -pid 0x000a
fw_update Version: 0.2.0
U2IO BootLoader Version reading: FAILED.
Device is not found.
Operation aborted.

Will go read the upgrade procedure now, one question, maybe off topic but I was unable to find explanation how *32* channels are used on *16* pins :D
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: Problems updating firmware.
OBLS just arrived and looks like I too have this problem
- vid this device answered as is 0x000A (not 0x04D8 as all the scripts suggest)
- it is serial device, but when I try to connect using terminal  - I get no answer from the device
- when I reset device the PWR led go on, ACT flash few times and then go off and TRIG led go on - nothing on the terminal
- board states v1.01, crystal near pic is 16MHz
- when I hold the update button and press reset, both pwr and act led's go on and device don't register (USB stays silent)

I can't say there's no firmware in the pic as if there is non the usb would of staid silent, but it seems there's "wrong" one in and there's no bootloader in .. I have pickit2/pickit3/buspirate so any of them should be able to burn the firmware in - should I proceed and burn the bootloader in, I assume OpenBench_LogicSniffer_2.1bootloaderOLSv1-bootloader-v2-16MHz.hex is the proper bootloader?
General discussion / Re: PIC vs AVR
[quote author="liyin"]
What about his arguments about:

The AVR’s architecture lends itself by design to being coded in a HLL. The PIC does not.

programming in assembly language (which when you get down to it was always the intention of the PIC designers)

true only for 10F/12F/14F and 16F PIC's and even they work perfectly with C/Basic/Pascal compilers. 18F and up are optimised for C just as avr is
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: JTAG quite slow and ideas to make it go faster
[quote author="ian"]
the Bus Pirate supports the open source OpenOCD JTAG debugger from the binary interface mode:

ah, so openocd bit bang's it, thanks for the explanation.

Did you use the low-level JTAG user mode library? We're trying to give it an update - what features have you used in the past, and how could it be tweaked to work best for the things you do?
Nope, I just tried it to see if it works.. have not used it at all. Just started to work with some cpld's (cold runner2) and fpga's (spartan 3an) so not too experienced with the whole jtag chain thingy :( but looks like I will have to use it more and more so BP might be useful in that regard
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: JTAG quite slow and ideas to make it go faster
I am confused so if someone can shed some light ... tnt made few patches regarding jtag, ian made a nightly build - but there's no jtag mode on the 5.2 firmware at all ?! What one need to do to make jtag mode work ? (except fall back to 4.x)

the code states:
Code: [Select]
#define BP_USE_1WIRE
#define BP_USE_HWUART //hardware uart (now also MIDI)
#define BP_USE_I2C
#define BP_USE_I2C_HW
#define BP_USE_HWSPI //hardware spi
//#define BP_USE_LCD // include HD44780 LCD library
//#define BP_USE_PIC

don't see how to turn on jtag here :(