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General discussion / Re: shorter soldering iron tip?
[quote author="Parker333"] Does anyone know how the PACE TD-100 cartridges fail, when they do?[/quote]

I'm using the same tip for years and it did not fail :D

I'd say that pace will fail cold as from what I see it's 2wire only so can't fail hot .. but not sure how important that is, you can see by the color of the tip and way it melts solder what the tip temp is, if it goes over 450 you will know it .. the only issue is if you leave the iron on and go fishing but in that case the iron standby system is what's more important then what way tip fails
General discussion / Re: shorter soldering iron tip?
have not tried it, dislike not showing temp a lot, no clue how you set the temp at all I see it has usb port but I hope that's not what I think it is ... looks like they use hakko t12 tips?
DirtyPCBs support / Re: 4L rules (capabilities)
[quote author="ian"]Its the same. but you can go 4/4 trace space I think.[/quote]

hi Ian, long time :D ...

so only 4/4 no smaller vias? ok I can live with that, thanks!

would be cool if you can check with the shop (I understand it is not the same one as 2L) and make a separate "capabilities" for 4L .. not "a must" or anything urgent, just would be cool, when you (whoever is maintaining the site(s)) have time :D

keep on the good work! thanks
DirtyPCBs support / 4L rules (capabilities)
Hi guy's, I don't see the rules for 4L boards ?! I see that 2L is 5/5 12mil pad, 12mil hole with +-2mil center error etc etc .. but is there anywhere a ruleset/capabilities list for 4L boards?
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: Port stacking (multiple devices)
[quote author="lathe26"]
1.  Are people doing this already?

I used to link 2 of them together, so yes

[quote author="lathe26"]
2.  Does the software support multiple Sniffers at the same time?

nope, but sniffer is a simple serial port from the pc perspective so you can run multiple clients and connect them to different ports as a workaround

[quote author="lathe26"]
3. (Advanced feature) Support trigger testing across multiple Sniffers.[/quote]

I was experimenting with some dual trigger mode so first time trigger fires obls1 captures, second time it triggers the obls2 triggers .. that works ok and is not hard to configure since triggering in obls is pretty good but what I didn't manage to get to work is just simple chain, to get obls1 to trigger obls2 when it hits end of buffer so that obls2 can continue... it would require small change in firmware to do so (or maybe possible already only I don't know how) .. anyhow I got a big hp LA in the meantime so obls is not as useful as it once was especially as it's dead project imo (no, not mature, dead, if you have known bugs and no git update in 4 years, if most of tools are broken for more then a year it's called dead not mature)
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Open Source Portable Measurement Tool
how about mcu with small basic interpreter where you can quickly code whatever you want to output? some read_adc functions, some digital_write functions ... if you google for it I'm sure you can find already some basic interpreter already available, adapt it to your need, implement few additional functions you know you will need and open hardware it
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
if you want to play with it, change firmware etc, then this driver is ok as compared to most I seen it's the only open source one, but if you just want a driver that works out of the box then bunch of drivers on ebay offer simpler board, ac/dc input, both 2,3 and 4 wire operation (my driver support only 4 wire operation)...

most expensive part - the transformer - note that you need 24VAC transformer, 25VAC or worse 26VAC will quickly kill most of your clone irons so you need to shoot for something like 23VAC to be on the safe side.. on the other hand if you go too much below that it takes an age to heat up the iron... if you take too powerful transformer 24V it is more like 26-28V unloaded and if it is for e.g. 200W transformer the 50W iron is not enough to load it so it's still ~26V going into iron and while original heater will deal with that most clones will die in few days/weeks

most difficult to find part - mcp619 - it is standard low offset, low noise instrumentation op-amp from microchip but what I did not know when I chose it that it's rarely available "off the shelve" and you always have to back-order it.

the pic on the board, well it's a rarity these days to find 18f2550 on the shelves of stores + there was a huge demand for those for some ps3 or xbox360 hack so they are also quite hard to find these days

with so much cheap pcb prototyping companies out there, why don't you just take the idea, basic schematic, and make pcb yourself adapting it to your need?