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Web platform / Adding extra SPI devices?
Hi all,

I'm trying to add extra SPI devices by using the EEPROM header to get SPI bus, plus spare I/O pins on the I/O header for Chip Select function.

Anyone tried this yet? I'm having trouble getting the SPI bus on the EEPROM heaer to function - I'm modifying the 'hello world' demo app from the dangerous prototypes dsPIC tutorial.

See attached C and header files.
Nothing seems to happen on the SPI bus, and the code gets stuck in a loop in the write_EEPROM_SPI() function.

Time to get Bus Pirate logic analyzer up and running!

Thanks in advance - it would be good to get a template together for this, as adding extra SPI chips would be a very useful feature - ADC, DAC, Memory, Temperature sensors etc.

Bus Pirate Support / MAX147 ADC SPI demo
Hi everyone,
I'm working on interfacing a MAX147 12-bit 8 Channel ADC to the web platform.
First step was to test it with Bus Pirate of course!

So, I fired up the excellent new BP GUI, wired a variable resistor to Channel 7, and started to play.

Attached is a photo of the set-up (web platform in background :-) ). Also attached is screenshot of the BP GUI, reading channel 7 value from the MAX147 chip (Channel 7 is easy to read, as the control byte can just be 0xFF !! ).


Bus Pirate Support / Demo: Sure Electronics 8x32 LED Matrix - Bin-mode Perl script
Hi All,

Here's a quick and dirty perl script to display 'BPv3' on a Sure Electronics 8x32 LEd Matrix display (

Also attached is a photo of my set-up.

Any improvements gratefully received - i.e. a nice character lookup table process would be good!

You can use this with windows - just change the Device::SerialPort configuration.
You can also use a 16x24 display if you change the second command code to 44 from 40.

EDIT: Script is in SVN: ...