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Web platform / Re: New uIP code features
Neat stuff.

I tried Tera Term Pro, Putty, Hyper Terminal and windows Telnet, with original code - non work properly, even if I send help, I get nothing back.
 But - Linux telnet works fine - as you expected!

Keep up the good work, once a windows telnet is working, I will try adding a 'read_adc' command for my MAX147 demo!


Web platform / Re: New uIP code features
Great! but... Just tried this and two comments:

1) The serial debug messages don't sent a carriage return, only a line feed, so hard to read (I'm using Tera Term)
2) Telnet doesn't appear to echo anything back - errors in serial console:

app: connected. Ports 5888:-11004
echo: connect from 000a0100
echo: using handle 0app: newdata. Handle: 0. len=16
echo: file state 3
echo: event 1
echo: can_read 16 @ 15f8
echo: seek 0
echo: not_found seek 16

I typed 'h' - was starting to type 'help'
Web platform / Re: Adding extra SPI devices?
See attached code for example use of SPI interface from web platform to MAX147 ADC chip.

Screenshot of Terminal, printing value of MSB of ADC.
Light Dependant Resistor plus Variable resistor wired as potential divider across channel 7 of the ADC.

Next I will integrate the code back into the main (uIP) web platform code so I can read Light level via Telnet.


Web platform / Re: Adding extra SPI devices?
Found the problems - the example I followed was enabling the SPI port before it was configured - swapped that around has fixed it.
Now have included STDIO and can printf the ADC value to the UART - web platform can now react to light level.

More details to follow when I've tidied up the demo & hardware.

BTW - are any of the PIC Analog inputs wired to any of the I/O pins? Could save using an external ADC chip.
Web platform / Re: Adding extra SPI devices?
Ahh I see. Ok, so I added the following after the UART PPS assignments:

   //assign SPI2 pins to EEPROM pins - see web Platform schematic

I assume that RP1 = Physical pin 1?

Still no difference - processing hangs when I issue an 'r' to the terminal.
Do I also need to assign the EEPROM CS to a pin so I can force that high to ensure the eeprom does not conflict with the ADC?

Oh, and aren't these line sin HardwareProfile.h already assigning the pins?
//EEPROM setup
// 25LC I/O pins
#define EEPROM_CS_TRIS      (TRISCbits.TRISC7)
#define EEPROM_CS_IO      (PORTCbits.RC7)//could be LAT for output...
#define EEPROM_SCK_TRIS      (TRISCbits.TRISC6)
#define EEPROM_SDI_TRIS      (TRISBbits.TRISB9)
#define EEPROM_SDO_TRIS      (TRISCbits.TRISC8)


Web platform / Adding extra SPI devices?
Hi all,

I'm trying to add extra SPI devices by using the EEPROM header to get SPI bus, plus spare I/O pins on the I/O header for Chip Select function.

Anyone tried this yet? I'm having trouble getting the SPI bus on the EEPROM heaer to function - I'm modifying the 'hello world' demo app from the dangerous prototypes dsPIC tutorial.

See attached C and header files.
Nothing seems to happen on the SPI bus, and the code gets stuck in a loop in the write_EEPROM_SPI() function.

Time to get Bus Pirate logic analyzer up and running!

Thanks in advance - it would be good to get a template together for this, as adding extra SPI chips would be a very useful feature - ADC, DAC, Memory, Temperature sensors etc.

Bus Pirate Support / Re: MAX147 ADC SPI demo - dsPIC SPI problems.
Hi All,

Now connected the MAX147 to the web_platform, and modifying the hello world program from the tutorial to read the ADC. I've wired the MAX147's SPI bus to the EEPROM SPI pins, and using IO1 to control the Chip Select.

See attached code. The program hangs in the EEPROM_SPIWrite() function, where it's waiting for more data to be sent, and I never see any activity on the SDO and SCK pins.

Any ideas? Have I forgotten to assign a Peripheral Select thing?


Bus Pirate Support / MAX147 ADC SPI demo
Hi everyone,
I'm working on interfacing a MAX147 12-bit 8 Channel ADC to the web platform.
First step was to test it with Bus Pirate of course!

So, I fired up the excellent new BP GUI, wired a variable resistor to Channel 7, and started to play.

Attached is a photo of the set-up (web platform in background :-) ). Also attached is screenshot of the BP GUI, reading channel 7 value from the MAX147 chip (Channel 7 is easy to read, as the control byte can just be 0xFF !! ).


Bus Pirate Support / Re: BPv3 Logic analyzer not working
Thinking of getting the logic analyser, but want to check software works on my PPC MAC first, using bus pirate to do that:

Bus Pirate v3
Firmware v4.2 Bootloader v4.1
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3003 (A3)

I get an error pop up about connecting to the device when i try and capture, here's the console log:

will$ java -jar analyzer.jar
Experimental:  JNI_OnLoad called.
Stable Library
Native lib Version = RXTX-2.1-7
Java lib Version   = RXTX-2.1-7
Attaching to: /dev/tty.usbserial-A7004E19 (115200bps) Unknown Application
   at org.sump.analyzer.Device.attach(
Run started
Run aborted
   at org.sump.analyzer.Device.sendCommand(

Seems to suggest the port is in use, but it is not, I've checked, screen can connect and disconnect fine with no problems.

Any suggestions?
RXTX lib is placed in /Library/Java/Extensions/

Using version 0.8 of the client - get same error if I try any other ports too.


Bus Pirate Support / Demo: Sure Electronics 8x32 LED Matrix - Bin-mode Perl script
Hi All,

Here's a quick and dirty perl script to display 'BPv3' on a Sure Electronics 8x32 LEd Matrix display (

Also attached is a photo of my set-up.

Any improvements gratefully received - i.e. a nice character lookup table process would be good!

You can use this with windows - just change the Device::SerialPort configuration.
You can also use a 16x24 display if you change the second command code to 44 from 40.

EDIT: Script is in SVN: ...


Web platform / Re: preorder 1 build/ship status
Damn..... seems I accidently ordered the kit version by mistake - opened the parcel today to be greeted by a bag of *very small* components :-( :-( :-(   Very disappointed... oh well - guess I'll learn how to solder Surface Mount Devices now!

How will I program it? I do not have a PIC programmer - can I do it with the bus pirate?