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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
How exactly changing the tip/iron can burn a station?
You can ask vulkan35. He also pointed a link to polish or slovak forum, many users complane of that.

I'm not certain but I think they were talking about if the tip is removed while the mosfets are conducting, you can see a spark. Do you have the link minkok? I can't find it otherwise I'd have a read
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Thank you. Cd4001 is still not ideal after many times of optimization. Now that sparkybg has designed a new Sch, I decided to try it out. Rather than continue to optimize. As for the interference problem, the program can not feel it, but my friend modified the program and added a state. So it can be seen that the source of interference is contact with the dormant board. When the power is turned on, the interference will occur at full power, as long as it is not full power.

Do whatever you want, I am just saying that I use 74LVC1G02 which now works perfectly even against 1/4 power which is more noisy and would be easy to retrofit for you
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
What prevents you from simply inserting the 470th sting into the 245th handle, I checked it and it works great, although it does not heat up at full power, but the sting has a different heat capacity and it also plays a little role.

Gain in thermal mass from using C470 over C245 is more that negated by decrease in available power unfortunately

In situations where C470 would be helpful like soldering / desoldering large inductors I found heat was pulled away too quickly, easier to use C245 + hot air. Luckily I do not often need to do

Maybe options will be available in future
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Hello, Sparky. The sleep board I'm using now is cd4001 with interference. Affect the use. Now to take a look at the results of the design of contact dormancy. Please tell me how to choose?

LM339? 74LVC2G132?  HEF4093?How should I choose the SCH of these three ? thank you!!!

Which version sensor board are you using? Minkok's design with BJT + MOS should work fine so you probably are using older?

Upload a photo and maybe we can help you to modify rather than build new
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
sparkybg the circuit you have come up with is nearly the same as what I am using  :D

I am using a single sot23 transistor instead of second NOR only because I use protoboard instead of ordering pcb, lead pitch does not align with pads to separate inputs nicely. Otherwise single IC is much more elegant

Schmitt  trigger inputs are essential IMO, so 4001 is no good
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
By the way, the project is at the very edge of available memory even with optimizations for size. My both controllers are using PIC32MX564F128H instead, including the one that I bought ready from tindie.

And because it seems like from the very beginning of the thread that on the schematics there is PIC32MX564F128H, I am thinking more and more of switching to it.

A long time ago I started a project with PIC32MX534F064H and still the project is made with this in mind, despite that I replaced it with a MCU with double RAM/FLASH capacity.

The thing is, I don't know if someone is using the smaller MCU at all, so I am a bit afraid to change it.

In my opinion anyone with PIC32MX534F064H should accept the limitation as long as it's mentioned on github and a compiled hex of the last compatible version remains available. We already received more firmware updates from you than (at least I) expected, and they can always upgrade to PIC32MX564F128H if they decide they want latest firmware

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
It's your choice, but IMHO, this is a bit like changing your car with inferior one because you don't like how tires behave in winters. :)

Every problem has a solution. Think a little why my holder sensor has a MCU in it, no matter how cheap it is. ;) Then think a little why two holders next to each one does not interfere with each other, despite using same IR components, same frequency on them and so on.

I don't know exactly how the sensor you are using works, but the problem is neither in the controller nor in it's firmware/features.

Problem is 100% with my sensor, as It is very simple. With more effort I could add MCU too or make other changes but for now I am ok driving my junk car to work (because my mind is thinking about my jet boat ;) )
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
There is always some voltage difference (and noise) between GND and tip's outer shell when the power is turnes on and off, especially on 1/2 ans 1/4 power, and no firmware can prevent this. This is exactly why I made and using optical holder sensor - no galvanic connection, no problem.

Hi Sparky,

Thanks, It's not a big problem for me currently but maybe I will compile firmware with this change reverted in future
  • Instruments starts at 1/4 power and ramp up when needed (was opposite)

I agree that optical sensor is much superior. but for me it is not worth modification to holder to fit it, and I can also sense tip changing plate
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I found out, that behavier is comming from the input ( when controller switch on heater, it inducts and the input is trigered - I need to check that ) and it is not related to the update. Is it possible someone to confirm that?

I actually noticed the same thing I think with my touch sensor (different design) after this latest update

If I turn unisolder OFF then ON again is it ok
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
found on github author "sadman" unisolder-firmware-master

I don't think that's the one flashed to sparkybg's new board, for example no loop menu option

I still think it is firmware from doomedhab / iwanushka, but source is apparently in private gitlab

As I mentioned above, keeping dev stuff private from non dev people is safer, we don't want to burn your hardware or house, tested firmware will be uploaded to dropbox or something like that, I can give reported access to anyone who wants to test firmware and make new tickets for current issues/new features, also on gitlab we keep source  code only, which including built firmware after its tested will be available to public, ofcourse if you can compile firmware and are willing to test it let me know will add you to gitlab project.

Just have to wait and see if they reply to sparkybg's pm