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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
And another solution is a small heatsink on each component, but we loose heatsink surface this way. This is pretty common for small FPGAs when they get hot. For example 10x10mm heatsink is not that rare thing to see. Although I never thought about their performance nor analysed it.
There are some pure copper heatsink solutions which compensate the small mounting surface with their height and lots of flat fins. Like these (for example):


You don't see those kind of designs with all-aluminum heatsinks, since the material is too soft and brittle.

But i don't know much about their cooling performance either. I just used some tiny 6,5x6,5x12mm copper heatsinks for some mosfets in the past:


... which (as far as i remember) didn't perform as well as i was hoping they would.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
What other method would there be to secure the heatsink?
I used alumina/boron-nitride/epoxy-based 2k thermal glue in the past. With great success. I even dare to say: with too much success. Because i had a heatsink glued to an ADC ic in the past and the ADC failed and had to be replaced. Just out of couriosity i wanted to remove the heatsink. I tried brute force with a craft knife and even cranked my hot air soldering station up to 450°C in my attempt to remove it from the ic with lots of heat. All without any success :o .

So that kind of 2k thermal glue seems like a pretty reliable solution for mounting a heatsink... except when you are planing to remove the heatsink in the future ;) ...
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Did you try the last V1.33? My intention was to be used inside station case , as it is in mine case.
Sorry... i did not try it. It's too big for my holder... and i did not want to add it inside the main case, since i wanted to maintain a kind of modular construction to be able to switch to a totally different holder with maybe an optical sensor... if a new tool needs one (i have at least 3 fully equipped and programmed optical sensor pcbs still laying around here somewhere).
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Minkok, I have zero issues on 245 and 210 using 4001,  I really believe it makes the cartridges last longer if you use the station daily.

Can there be any improvements?
There is always room but this small PCB 4001 does the job for me.
The initial design with the 4001 still works for me too. It's simple and very usable... even though i have the same behaviour lots of people had with (which is: touching the holder with my bare hands will be recognized as "iron-in-holder"... which i don't mind that much, since i usually do not touch the holder).

But: this is a very (VERY) small pcb. And size does matter (in this case), because i don't have THAT much space inside my holder. I was planning to modify the pcb a bit (meaning: adding connections for a tiny angled connector... and holes for surface mounted threaded standoffs, to mount it easier and more elegantly to my holder - which is now done so far by two small nuts glued to the pcb). So if it's similar in size with a more reliable behaviour (due to software filtering) i'm all for a tiny PIC-controlled solution like 'sparkybg' suggested.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I tested it too - same here.

Even though i'm eager to try out the 1/8 power mode with my C105 i returned to the 02.12.2020 firmware... which was the last one working for me.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I also published new firmware with some corrections. Try it out.
Sadly it doesn't change anything. It still always stucks at the holder temperature.

Let me see your pin53-pin54 and pin8-pin28 connections.
I connected pins 53 and 54 via zero ohm resistor on the soldering pads for U9:


Pins 8 and 28 are connected via kynar wire:


I checked and double checked both connections with a multimeter - but they are fine. And there's no accidental connection to other pins either.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
No. My touch sensing board doesn't have hardware filtering. But does it matter? Because... as i said: even with a completely disconnected touch sensor and the holder disabled in the menu my UniSolder behaves that weird. So: why should the touch sensor output matter, if the touch sensing pcb isn't even connected while the problem occurs ;) ?
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
New firmware version published.

- 1/8 power (JBC Nano now works even better) - shows "ACE" or "DCE" on main screen when in use
- Tip-change support

I have some problems with that version. All of my cartridges seem to stuck at holder temp. They all heat up to the selected holder temperature (250°C) and stay there... no matter what. I switched through the preset temps (280°C/300°C/350°C)... but nothing changes. I set the "Holder" in the menu from "On" to "Off" -> no change. I even disconnected the holder -> still: no change -> always 250°C.

I changed the holder temp in the menu and the cartridges are heating up according to that setting. Entering sleep mode works too though (cooling the cartridge down to the selected temperature after the selected time). But it seems like with the latest firmware my Unisolder ALWAYS thinks the iron is in the holder - even with a disconnected AND disabled holder :o .
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
here is the culprit of all problems:

Strange  :o ! I use the same simple old touch sensing board 'DinikS' and 'minkok' came up with a couple of years ago. I just rerouted some traces and moved some components a tiny bit in order to be able to mount it with two screws:


It is still connected to my UniSolder. But as i said: it works fine with the latest firmware.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Thx @sparkybg. Sadly i've had the changes reversed. My UniSolder now works fine again. I will carefully redo the connections later and definitely test your latest firmware after that (but at first i have to catch some rest since i work in the night shift and haven't slept for almost 20 hours  :(  )...

Since you wrote it in red: are there some critical changes to the bootloader?