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Project logs / Re: Guess what it is and get a free PCB of it
I would guess that the PDI is the most important component ... and that would spoil the fun :-)

HEX calculator was my first guess. But then why does it have "Ad" "Da" "Pc" keys ?

It is some kind of programmer/remote control ....
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Bootloader - Start from DOS?
Create file that contains the $<enter>y characters (pretty easy using hex editor, eg xvi), and then do something like:
Code: [Select]
copy file COMx
Code: [Select]
copy file \.COMx
Baudrate used is probably the standard baudrate set in the COMport properties (device manager -> COMx -> properties)

(This might actually not work at all!)
General discussion / Re: VHDL - process - how long it is?
... now we all know the stuff inside process is sequential ...

is it ? If this is right, then blinking led could be implemented like:
Code: [Select]
if rising_edge(clk)
  led <= '1'
  led <= '0'
end if;
end process;

This doesn't blink led at all, "led" (on the outside) will have the last assigned value. There is also difference between "<=" and ":=" assignment. First one assigned value for the next run on the process and the second applies the value immediately.

If you have many ifs in the process, all are evaluated at once (it's parallel most of the time) and the output of the process seems sequential (latched at the clock transition)

Now for the timing. ISE will find the critical path in your design (the longest chain of logic that depends on each other) and will compare that to Clock of the logic block (it also knows when you use DCM, or divide/multiply the clock somewhere). If the transition time of the critical path doesn't fit the requirements ISE will yell at you :) (something about timing in the synthesis report). You can also view the timings of your design in the synthesis report.
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Fast mode not working
[quote author="marcus"]Hi there!
The normal mode is ok to download small programs, but debugging (jumping through breakpoints) is no fun.

Using hardware breakpoints helps a bit.

Put this in the ".gdbinit" file (must be in the same directory where you are starting gdb)
Code: [Select]
monitor gdb_breakpoint_override hard

Maybe it would be enough to put it in the openocd.cfg, not sure (without the "monitor" keyword)

Could you rerun your experiment with debug ? "-d 3" parameter. Thanks.
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Need to reconnect BP after each usage
How do you exit openocd ?... If you issue correct command ("shutdown"), it will correctly exit the OpenOCD mode on the buspirate. There is no other solution for this problem, and has been discussed some time ago.