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USB Infrared Toy / IR Toy - setting the modulaltion frequency with AnalysIR
We have published a review of setting the modulation frequency in the USB IR Toy with AnalysIR.
 We tested & measured all of the common frequencies 30,33,36,38,40,56 & 455kHz and the results were quite good.

The blog article is available via the following:
USB IR Toy – Infrared Modulation frequency review

Attached is a quick preview of the results at the default frequency of 38kHz
USB Infrared Toy / Re: AnalysIR - IR decoder & analyzer
Over the last week, we have released a new version of AnalysIR to supporters who have IR Toys to test against.
We are happy to report that it is going very well.

We have also added in a bonus feature to allow users to re-send one or more IR signals from their 'History' of signals recorded. This 'send' feature also allows users to select up to 6 different IR signals and replay them in sequence with custom gaps in-between, thus simulating 'macros'.

This new feature will be released for testing this week.

....find out more at http://
USB Infrared Toy / Re: AnalysIR - IR decoder & analyzer
Good news

We downloaded the MPLAB X IDE for the PIC and followed the instructions available on this site & forum.

Then implemented the fix from the previous post and Bingo, we now get 2 correct values reported every time for modulation frequency.

See attached screenshot:
USB Infrared Toy / Re: AnalysIR - IR decoder & analyzer
UPDATE: Good News

We managed to incorporate the modulation frequency measurement as it was not as difficult as we anticipated. This is acquired by sending 0x04 in sampling mode. The USB IR Toy responds with an 8 byte packet as per the documentation.

It seems that the measurement between t1->t2 is good, but the measurement between t2->t3 is not as accurate. Are we missing something? I have seen some comments elsewhere on this in the forum, but no explanation/solution.
USB Infrared Toy / AnalysIR - IR decoder & analyzer
Hi All

We got our USB IR Toy V2 delivered late last week and after a successful initial evaluation, decided to integrate it into AnalysIR as another IR source device.

Currently we have the IR toy decoding all of our Supported IR Protocols quite nicely - using the built-in sampling mode.

We have not integrated the Modulation Measurement yet, but will do so if there is enough interest.

AnalysIR also imports/exports IR signals in a variety of different formats including PRONTO, Global Cache, IRremote, IRLib & Saleae Logic Analyzer. Again we will add import support for the USB IR Toy based on interest, but it is probably just simpler to plug one into the USB port :)

I have attached a screen shot below.

The best place to find out more info about AnalysIR until our website is launched is via our (completed) crowd-funding campaign page on Indiegogo
(Search for AnalysIR, via our blog or PM me via this forum. You can 'Get AnalysIR' using PayPal by following the link below)

Thanks for creating this cool 'toy' - we have already informed our users about our support for it.