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USB Infrared Toy / Re: USB issues
But after playing with it for a while, it quits:

It could depend on this.  What software are you using etc?
USB Infrared Toy / Re: USB IR Toy not sending
but I cannot get a new one from seeed until you confirm that this is the case.

In case there is any confusion, I am not in a position to confirm the above. I am just a forum member like you & not connected with DP or Seeedstudio.

(We also provide support within our own AnalysIR application for USB IR Toy, but not support for the USB IR Toy itself)

I would expect if you purchased from Seedstudio that they should provide support to you.

I assume from your last post that you didn't test with irtoy.exe directly, which may provide error messages to assist debugging.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: USB IR Toy not sending
I have only used it directly from Windows using the irtoy.exe application provided.

Other than that, making sure the V22 firmware is installed & verifying the correct DP driver is installed on the best I can offer.

(You should see a mention of Dangerous prototypes in the Control Panel->Device Manager->Ports->Properties->Details for your com port)
USB Infrared Toy / Re: USB IR Toy not sending
Have you tried testing with a TV remote & TV to verify if the IRToy isworking?

Have you installed the DP provided driver for the IRToy?
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Reverse engineering the Mitsubishi AC Infrared protocol
The second part of this 2 part series of articles has just been posted.

"Reverse engineering the Mitsubishi AC Infrared protocol"

This 288 bit Infrared protocol is covered with diagrams and details on each field, including checksums.

For full details visit:

Although, it covers the Mitsubishi Air Conditioner, it will prove to be a useful template for undertaking reverse engineering projects on other makes and models.
USB Infrared Toy / Reverse engineering the Panasonic AC Infrared protocol
We have just published a new article on reverse engineering the Panasonic AC Infrared protocol
This may be of interest to forum members with USB IR Toys & Air conditioner units.

Details are available here

Full Arduino/IRremote source code & documentation is provided via GitHub. It should be relatively easy to adapt this for use with the USB IR Toy, using your favourite scripting language.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy v2 firmware version query on Linux
t wanted to follow up that I've successfully updated to the v22 firmware. Now when I send "v" to my IR Toy v2 it displays "V222" in the terminal. Looks like the format is VXXY where XX is the firmware version and Y is the product version (2nd generation IR Toy).

Just checked the source code and the response format of the command is as follows:


V = command response
H = Hardware version
FF - firmware version

  so for Hardware version 2 with firmware 2.2 the response should be V222
and for Hardware version 1 with firmware 2.2 the response should be V122
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy crashing after a few send attempts
@Simkins: Great, I will try that out, next time I am updating the code.

So the suggestion is to turn the handshake feature off (aka Enable transmit handshake (0x26), even though it is 'highly recommended' to use it in the doc) and just send the full signal payload all at once, using the '03' command.

Presumably, the OS will then look after any buffering either at serial or USB level.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy crashing after a few send attempts
to send the entire chunk in one big hit

That would also require a (non-trivial) firmware change in the IR Toy....its a 'feature' of the USB double buffering!

...and also the weakest part of the design.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy crashing after a few send attempts
FW 2.2 is best.

We found that increasing the run-time priority of the application driving the IRToy improves reliability.

From the command line on Windows you can use something like:
start /<priority> <application>
e.g. start /high irtoy.exe

If you run as administrator you can set the priority to Realtime.

The main problem is that the IRToy needs fast responses when sending. Sometimes Windows will suspend the sending application, which unfortunately seems to crash/upset the IRtoy.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: convert LIRC file to IRToy raw commands
It hadn't occurred to me that the demod might malfunction in such a peculiar way, if encountering a really strong IR source. I think I rather expected the "on" times to get blown out, rather than shrink.

Yes, you are right. What I have mainly seen is that some of the internal stuff, like inbuilt noise rejection gets overloaded.
Some receivers are designed to disregard long pulse sequences and will ignore long AC or continuous signals.  Sometimes holding the remote close to the receiver, will overcome this 'feature'.

Regarding timings, the strength of the IR signal landing on the receiver will influence the distortion of the mark/space lengths. Modulation duty cycle would also be a factor. However, the duration of mark/space pairs is usually good/consistent and this characteristic can be used to good effect in decoding algorithms.

The mark times can be increased or decreased with the space times more or less compensating, but mostly I see mark times increased and space times decreased in normal operation. (up to +/- 100 uSecs). The data sheet will give the range in mutiples of the modulation period (for a pre-defined test signal).