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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: First Impressions (not all good but not all bad)
[quote author="arhi"]It's also on Wiki .. I do agree Wiki is far from "ideally organised" but it's open, if anyone have a better way to put stuff / add stuff .. go for it :D .. Ian made it accessible... [/quote]
Turns out there's a wiki page for robots utility as well http://

[quote author="arhi"]btw, I run fedora (10 on servers, 16 on clients) and it didn't work for me :D .. anyhow it's one of the first things I remove from a system when I install it... oracle's acquisition of Sun fscked the openjdk project pretty much[/quote]
I know what you mean, but for me at least, it had progressed from being replaced straight away after installing, to being replaced at some point when I'd run into the first thing that failed, to just working without needing to worry about it. Don't think I've had to download Sun java from F14 onwards..
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: First Impressions (not all good but not all bad)
[quote author="osgeld"]client don't work with openjdk
a note somewhere would be handy ... any documentation would really be handy as its really sparse and spread around.[/quote]
fwiw, I've not had any issues with Jawi's client under OpenJDK (Fedora 32 & 64 bit).

May be too late now if you've already upgraded under XP, but for future reference - robots firmware upgrader utility works a charm under Linux.. http://
General discussion / Re: Components
Depending where you are based...

In the UK I sometimes use Rapid for small orders, they don't have a minimum order value but do charge £4.95 delivery if the order is under £30. If your order is over £20 then Farnell ship for free.. Having said that, for really small orders of resistors etc, I often end up on eBay ;)
Client software / Zooming feature request
Hi Jawi,

I've just created a new issue on githib concerning mousewheel zooming. Don't know if anyone else is the same, but I find the current Ctrl-mousewheel approach a bit awkward? Anyway, just a request. But an option to change these bindings would be great..


I find the default behaviour of scrolling with the mousewheel (and zooming with Ctrl-mousewheel), a bit counter-intuitive. Would it be possible to have an option that makes zooming the default mousewheel action?

Of course it's easy enough to get used to, but every time I use the client I have to re-learn the current behaviour. I think drag to scroll, and mousewheel to zoom is the most common approach with other apps?
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
Hi Mick,

I've just extracted & built your code under Fedora 16, and I don't get the error on the avr-objdump. But I'm not using the AVR toolchain from the Fedora repositories (have been caught out by that before).

I used the buildscripts from avrfreaks, which are a better match to the more widely tested WinAVR/Atmel toolchains for versions and patches...

Client software / Re: OLS signal display component
I like it ;) Especially the cursor snapping feature and signal details window in measurement mode.

Probably just due to the mockup - but it wouldn't zoom once I'd expanded the information windows, and wasn't able to pan/zoom with the mouse..
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
[quote author="arupbsk"]Here in India, mega8,16,32,64,128,328,168,8535,8515 and tiny2313 are only AVRs available in online stores. :sigh[/quote]
That's a shame. Still, should be pretty easy to port between the two, as far as I know it was just a few register locations that changed between the the 32 and 324.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
[quote author="arhi"]What I'd really like is to be able to do it "reverse", for e.g. lfuse:w:0x01:m -U hfuse:w:0xd9:m is 1 for low fuse bit and D9 for high fuse bit .. I know for atmega8 this is 1MHz internal clock, 0ms delay etc etc ... but for some "bigger" ones it's not that simple :D[/quote]
Hi arhi, that online calculator will do that. It refreshes the page when you change any fields, so you can edit the HEX values directly, and the tickboxes should update to match..

Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
[quote author="arhi"]And one important question for all AVR users - is there some "visual fuse calculator" or something similar?[/quote]
There are probably more than you want to see ;)

Browser based -
IDE - WinAVR & avr-eclipse have fuse editors built in
GUI - Am sure there are windows apps, I think there is a cross platform java app as well, but can't find the name just now...

Edit: This is the java app I was thinking of - ... ui_en.html