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DirtyPCBs support / Re: Silk outside board
A friend of mine did an order from oshpark and got the remnants of a neighbours silk on their board ;-)

Seems like it would be useful to be able to apply the dimension layer to the boundaries of all other layers at gerber generation, perhaps this is possible in Kicad, so many options in those dialogs.
DirtyPCBs support / Re: Stock parts for Dirty Assembly
[quote author="ian"]Any other values?[/quote]

Some kind of low value resistor like 22R for USB inline termination (eg. ... tic_3b.pdf).

Also, if feasible, common feedback voltage divider resistors to match a buck switch mode regulator and common voltages. eg. seeed has MP1496DJ so 40.2k, 13k (3.3V), 7.68k (5V) would be common.  These would need to be 1% so perhaps too expensive.
DirtyPCBs support / Re: UPS soon ?
[quote author="ian"]I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't see us changing the shipping at either site anytime soon.[/quote]

Now that I can predict what DHL charges on receipt ($15 plus 12%) I've just built it into the price I budget for.  I've also started shipping boards directly to "customers" so they deal with the charges.

I started that thread, I wouldn't call it a horror story.
Project logs / Dirty PCBs rocks at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire
Each year we do a large how to solder workshop putting about 120 people per day through assembling a simple led flasher.  Thanks to the affordability of dirty pcbs, it's also a fundraiser for us.

The design and instructions are all on github at http://

The faire and hackspace got a good write up in a local paper at http://

DirtyPCBs support / Re: Circular PCBs
I submitted a job for 500 round PCBs.  When the arrived they were panelised on 10x10 sheets in groups of 4 with V grooved breakouts on the edge of each circle creating a flat spot.  I was fine with this but realise the board house might do things to make your design economically manufacturable.
DirtyPCBs support / Re: Unknown Order Code
[quote author="jamestong13"]Hi,
Is there a way to find my order code as I believe there is a problem with my order which needs fixing.

Perhaps your browser history will help?