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USB Infrared Toy / LIRC actual working code
Is there actually working code for LIRC in Linux right now?

I got it wokring once, but now I am switching from my RaspberryPi to a RIoTBoard and I can´t get Lirc to work anymore.

When it comes to select the USBIRToy in the setup it just crashes with a bunch of syntax errors in the "".

Also the patches don´t work anymore with the most recent version of lirc from git.
More errors than succesfull changes...
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Using the USB Infrared Toy IR tansmitter in Linux?
What do you mean with further patching?
Because I´ve got lirc running with my USBIR Toy on my Raspberry Pi with help of the two patches.
Everything is running fine. Except I can only send one RAW Code every 15 seconds or so.
It seems lirc is waiting for something after sending, but then gets a timeout and I can send again.
RC5 codes are running without any Problems.
I don´t think it´s the firmware because the codes are running fine with WinLirc.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy firmware v23 tests
With the parameter "-m all" you have overwritten the eeprom and the id.
I don´t know if this is a problem, but it isn´t necessary when flashing the firmware as far as i know.

I don´t think it will get better when flashing under linux.
Can´t help further with that I think.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy firmware v23 tests
Can you tell us what parameters you used to get that output?
Normally it only shows 3 lines of output.
At least when I am flashing with these parameters:
Code: [Select]
fw_update -e -w -v -m flash -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFD0B -ix USBIRToy.v23.hex

Result is this:
Code: [Select]
U2IO flash erasing: DONE.
U2IO flash programming: DONE.
U2IO flash verifying: DONE.

After that comes an confirmation but too fast to read.
And that´s it.

Also are you flasinhg in Windows or an linux distribution?

Is the IRToy right now in bootloader mode? (led is continuously on when connected)
Disconnect the IRToy and shorten the PGC and PGD pins with a jumper/wire and then stick it in the usb port again.
This puts it in bootloader mode.
Then try flashing again. After flashing disconnect the Toy and remove the jumper.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Win8 Driver
Hmm ok.
Didn´t know it´s possible signing specifically for Open Source drivers.
I only know about signing "normal" drivers.
Thought this signing method was more for testing own drivers...
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Win8 Driver
If you find someone who pays for that...
Every signing of the driver costs about 250$ for each Windows version.
Also you have to pay for resigning with every change of the driver.
And you have to send them the hardware to test the driver.

The testing for the signing is also a lot of work.
You have to test it with every Windows Version you want it to have signed it with. (Home, Professional, Ultimate, x86, x64 etc)
But you can also let them test it. But you can think of it. Costs extra.

That is one of the reasons why drivers for several devices often are not published very fast...
At least in Windows.

Well you could sign the driver yourself using private signing. But if you have an official driver everybody can downaload that´s no solution.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Help pcb
You can get everything you need on the documentation page of the USBIRToy.

The schematics files are inside the IR Toy Package in the folder PCBs_production
To open the files you´ll need Cadsoft Eagle.

The brd files are the PCB itself. The sch files are the electronics schematics.

Also in that folder is a zip file with the schematics in Gerber format. If you can use them.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Building the firmware
Thanks alot for this little advice.
Also made it like this.
The only difference is using the for downloading the source code.

Seems there is a problem in the SVN Repository?
Because when I compile the SVN code the file only has 37 Kb and isn´t working.

SO I´ve compared the code and found out the SVN Code doesn´t include the USB Stack but tries to include it by itself?
In general the code seems to be very different.
Maybe it´s a work in Progress? But then why is it in the trunk folder of SVN?

Nevertheless got it finally working thanks alot.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Irrecord problems
I´m using the latest WinLirc Version that´s right.
Both the downloadable and the integrated plugin dll are giving me errors.
But the freshly compiled dll works without any Problems.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Building the firmware
I also wanted to try to compile the firmware myself.
Here is what I´ve got so far:

I´ve checked out the code from the SVN repo.
The log in SVN says that it´s now using the Open Source JTR USB Stack.

The files are here in the svn Repo.
http://dangerous-prototypes-open-hardwa ... ack/dp_usb

I copied the in the project missing files into the root folder and started the compiler.
The compiler got through without any errors. But the created hexfile only has 37 kb and apparently doesn´t work.

Now I´m looking further to find out what the problem is.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Noob question - Hex Codes
You can use WinLirc with such Hexcodes.
A config would look like below. (Example for one of my Remotes)
The Problem here will be the Header with the data of your remote. If all your configs are in RawMode my config won´t help you I think.
But you can try to create a header with irrecord from WinLirc.
Also you can record the signals with irrecord if the hexcodes won´t work.

Code: [Select]
begin remote

  name  Philips TV
  bits            8
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header      2667  889
  one          444  444
  zero          444  444
  pre_data_bits  13
  pre_data      0xEFF
  gap          108000
  toggle_bit_mask 0x10000
  rc6_mask    0x10000

      begin codes
          power                    0xF3
          source                  0xC7
          teletext                0xC3
          display                  0xA2
          subtitle                0xB4
          format                  0x0A
          red                      0x92
          green                    0x91
          yellow                  0x90
          blue                    0x8F
          guide                    0x33
          info                    0xF0
          ok                      0xA3
          up                      0xA7
          down                    0xA6
          left                    0xA5
          right                    0xA4
          menu                    0xAB
          option                  0xBF
          volup                    0xEF
          voldown                  0xEE
          mute                    0xF2
          chup                    0xDF
          chdown                  0xDE
          1                        0xFE
          2                        0xFD
          3                        0xFC
          4                        0xFB
          5                        0xFA
          6                        0xF9
          7                        0xF8
          8                        0xF7
          9                        0xF6
          0                        0xFF
          mhegcancel              0xCE
          pp                      0xF5
      end codes

end remote
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Irrecord problems
Didn´t change anything actually.

I just checked the code out from the SVN repo and compiled it.

It seems only the IRToy.dll files in the Download Section from WinLirc on Sourceforge have that Problem with Raw Codes.
I can´t tell what the difference is, because I don´t know the code of the Downloadable dll.

Shouldn´t it be the same?
Maybe you have already fixed this, but didn´t Upload a new file. That´s my guess.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Irrecord problems
Heres the Update to what I´ve found out.

Seems the WinLirc IRToy Plugin, has a bug in Version 1.2.
But that bug is already fixed in the code itself.

So I´ve compiled my own Version of the Plugin. Now I can send the Raw Codes for my last remote without Problems. Finally...
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Irrecord problems
Thanks for the reply.

But I already tried that. Recording in Raw Mode gives the same errors.

Because it won´t work under Linux (tried several settings and solutions I found on the net), I´ve installed a virtual machine with Windows XP and used an older version of irrecord.

Seems that the driver has severe Problems when used under Windows 8 for recording.

With that it was possible to Record one of the two problematic Remotes with Space/Pulse coding.

The other Remote (Sony RM-AAU0020) still is making troubles.
I could record it in RAW Mode, but every button gives some errors before it records. (Signal length not uneven or too long.)

And WinLirc can´t play the config after that. When sending commands it just gives an error "Not supported".

Now I´m still trying to figure out how the raw hex codes from IRToy Rec/Play can be converted to the raw Integer values of WinLirc, but I can´t see a pattern yet.

The IRToy Rec/Play hex codes look something like this. (Not the actual values)

00 2C 00 27 00 54 00 51 00 2A ... and so on.

So i thought the Integer values should always consist of two bytes (00 and 2C). So I´ve written a converter that takes always two bytes and converts them to integer. But the numbers won´t make any sense...

Now I´m searching for a documentation of the WinLirc config in RAW mode or anything that can help me with that.

Edit: Can´t find Docs about this so I´m going through the code of irrecord and WinLirc.