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Pirate PIC programmer / Source code mess
I've been trying to sort the mess out in ... atePICprog. I've given up though; there are so many duplicates - some some with changes, some without, forking some files, but not others, difference code for the same thing, etc. Basically, everything is a mess.

Can someone please explain to me the differences between these folders:


The last 3 folders are the forked messes with duplicate files, but small changes all over the place in each 3 directories. I recommend someone clean all of it up and delete the old stuff.

Thanks for any help in figuring out what code is what.
Pirate PIC programmer / Difference between PIC code in firmware vs piratePICprog?
Hi all,

I see there is some PIC programming code baked into the Bus Pirate firmware here: ... urce/pic.c

What is it used for? What is the difference between that and piratePICprog? From what I understand, the PIC adapter is needed to allow the Bus Pirate to program PICs, and piratePICprog is used to send the adapter commands. I don't see any reference of the Bus Pirate being able to program PICs on it's own in the documentation.