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Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
I built one of these projects a little while ago but never used it before V5 came out. I now have a use for it and want to check I have the connections correct. Does the attached image look right ?


Also both the Thermocouple connector (J7) and the Iron Vout connector (J2) have a GND pin, do I only use the Iron connector (J2) GND pin ?
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
[quote author="mrjoda"]
in second - you choose a hard way i think. [/quote]

Maybe your right. I admired the route he chose, I would also have opted for a monolithic solution, but this is no Mk1. It has software adjustable gain, offset, current sources and sinks and a host of optimizations to see the true TC signal. It works very well indeed.

I researched before opting to build this and no other open source offering comes close.

It also works on Aoyue Tweezers, Aoyue desoldering gun and a ZD-929C iron.
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
[quote author="Sjaak"]
I'm just controlling a T12 tip and dont have need for JBC-C210. I tested the controller on multiple PCBs (multiple revisions of it, multiple builds) with scavenged, beat up and also brandspankingshinynew LM358's. As far as I can see not much difference between the controller.

Hey Sjaak where can we download your design ? Have you shared it ?
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
I have just recently got myself a JBC iron, and combined with sparkybg's work it is simply awesome. Like you I would never have bought one otherwise. I have used a soldering iron since I was too young to remember how old I was but I have never used anything close to the JBC, utterly stunning, it laughs at ground planes, and the choice of tips makes your knees weak.

It's as good a hit as the first scope I owned way back when I was at school (which I still own).  Remember that light coming on ?

<soapbox> I do this as a hobby, and even as a hobby there is no other tool you use more than a soldering iron yet spend so little on usually, now I have used a JBC I would have paid the 400 Euro they charge long ago if only I had known just how good they are. </soapbox>

Do the deed and treat yourself to a JBC handle and a PCB for V5 of sparkybg's work, you will not regret it !

[quote author="jonodaman"]Hey Sparkybg any news on the new version i would really like to build a couple of these i have always wanted a jbc station but could not justify the cost and your controller looks awesome