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Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate "Ultra" v1a & v1b with ICE40 and Icestorm :)

check out  DV042FBM-T81

4.17inch ADS TFT LCD with cap touch
DV042FBM-T81 is a colour active matrix TFT-LCD Panel using amorphous silicon TFT's This TFT-LCD has a 4.17 inch measured active area.

Ideal for home and building automation - fits in a standard light switch.

Resolution 540 x 540 pixels
MIPI Interface
Viewing angle 85deg x 85deg


Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate "Ultra" v1a & v1b with ICE40 and Icestorm :)
The data sheet says

a-Si TFT LCD Single Chip Driver   480(RGB)x864 Resolution and 16.7M-color The ILI9806E is a 16.7M single-chip SOC driver for a-Si TFT liquid crystal display panels with a resolution up to 480(RGB)x864. The ILI9806E is comprised of a 1441-channel source driver, an gate-IC-less level shifter, and a power supply circuit.   The  ILI9806E  supports  3-line  serial  peripheral  interface  to  input  commands.  The  ILI9806E  supports  a  RGB  (16-/18-/24-bit) data bus for video image display. For high-speed serial interface, the MIPI DSI interface mode, the  ILI9806E  supports  two  data  lanes  and  one  clock  lane  for  high-speed  and  low  power  transmission  in  both  directions with low EMI .

no idea what a MIPI DSI interface is, but an FPGA should eat it !!!

seems to imply a 10 pin interface see datasheet page 20.

needs  SPI to set register IM[3:0] to 0111  or 1111, then its activated, with data on HS_D0P,HS_D0N, HS_D1P, HS_D1N, HS_CP, HS_CN, SDI,SDO,SCL(rising or falling edge) ,CSX