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Arduino / Re: flashing pic32mx with Arduino
Thanks Ian. I used the same approach earlier (with a bootloader I wrote for TMS320F2812) and found it pretty useful. There's no need for any extra software to do the bootloading, just about any terminal will serve!
Pirate PIC programmer / Re: Added Support for USBASP in picprog
Thanks a lot both of you!

AndThen, this is the piece of code I was referring to (more or less like in Flash Programming Spec 61145J). I've been taking a further look at it today, and finally I think there are two minor "issues" there.

1) In the spec (and in the code you posted), step 18, NVMSRCADDR is not really written. However, by default I guess this should work if you use RAM offset zero since NVMSRCADDR has zero in it after processor reset. I would put "0xac900040        // sw  $s0, 64($a0)" after step 18.

2) the spec 61145J mentions a jump to error processing routine, but this part is not defined. This was confusing me a bit as well. I was thinking of just leaving out the last few commands and believe blindly that everything is ok, I really just want to get a bootloader flashed into the PIC32 for now...

I should be able to test the code later this week, right now I'm too tired.

Thanks again for your help!!
Pirate PIC programmer / Re: Added Support for USBASP in picprog

Regarding the PIC32MX flash programming specification. I am struggling to build a simple PIC32 flasher and found some issues with this spec. I have PIC32MX210F016B which has only 4kB of RAM, and I am not so sure whether the PE-method will serve due to too small amount of RAM. So, I was about to go with the direct method of flashing (without Programming Executive), but it seems that the table 13-1 describing the flashing part contains errors (see the microchip forum as well) :-O If you have any progress on the latter method please keep me in the loop.